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    Black Widow (2020)

    It's expected to start filming in June. So, it'll probably be released next year.

    David Harbour and O-T Fagbenle have joined the cast. Florence Pugh has been said to be in talks, as has Rachel Weisz.

    In regard to Florence Pugh, I have a theory about her potential role.

    (Endgame spoilers)
    [SPOILER]In the comics, there are several Black Widows (Natasha Romanov isn't even the first one). One of them is Yelena Belova. Perhaps Pugh could be playing her. Black Widow is obviously a prequel.

    It isn't the first time that Marvel have done a prequel. Both Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain Marvel were prequels. They're also introductions of new characters, going forward. The same could apply here. It's a prequel, dealing with an already killed-off character (like Solo A Star Wars Story). However, by including Yelena, they could also turn it into the origin movie of a new Marvel superheroine. Have Yelena be a young girl, whom Natasha befriends and takes under her wing (training her).

    Then include a post-credit scene, set in 2023, where Yelena reads about the death of Natasha Romanov. She receives a mysterious package, with a letter from Natasha (arranged in the case of her death). Yelena opens the package and finds Black Widow's gear.

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