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    Loved it? Hated? What did you think of #7.15"Training Day"

    What did you think of this episode?

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    Quite a study to see Team Arrow outside their comfort zone trying to work within the system. Lots of trust issues between Team Arrow and the SCPD.

    Richard Dragon is gone and Earth-2 Dinah Laurel found this out from Bronze Tiger. She was robbed of her revenge against Diaz.

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    Good episode for Dinah, coping with her duties as police captain and that of Team Arrow.

    I don't know why it took most of the team so long to understand that it's not business as usual and that they all have to operate within parameters now. It changed the moment they were deputized, or have they all forgotten that one misstep could send Oliver back to prison and their own butts on the run? At least Diggle was able to break it down to them.

    Dragon may not be truly dead. Dragons like fire lol. In this world, unless we literally see them wheel out Diaz' body to the morgue, he could stil return. As something else.

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    Well I think they knew that they couldn't do whatever they wanted, but they didn't want to work as "just another officer".
    I mean it's fullfilling every clichee ever when super heroes in comics are critisized to become a vigilante instead of a police officer or fire worker. (Thinking especially about Spidey here) It just doesn't work that way.

    The team wanted to have from the beginning what they got in the end anyway, their own taskforce.

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    The part where bronze tiger sees his son and hints connor come here my little hawk. i think john diggle jr is actually his son and not john diggle what if lyla had an affair and has been making diggle believe its his son. this would also explain why bronze tiger saved lyla during there suicide squad days they might be keeping a secret


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