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    Loved it? Hated? What did you think of #7-13:Star City Slayer"

    What did you think of this episode?

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    Another great episode after last week. We want to thank Echo Kellyís for 4 seasons.

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    Well the plot with Stanley was somewhot anti climactic. After he escaped from the prison and the hints we got about it, everything just eneded in a single episode.
    Other than that it was a pretty good episode. The plot in the future finally made some advancements too.

    Overall I still think too much is going on at the same time.
    Like for example the plotline with Dante is barely there anymore (which I don't care too much at anyways)

    Then there is Curtis and Argus
    Oliver and William
    Vigilantes and the police
    Laural bonding with the team
    Oliver's sister
    Diaz and the suicide squad
    Renee and Zoe

    Normally you'd think that having a lot of plot is a good thing, but it is not if most if not all of them are treated in a very shallow way because of it.
    The worst part is that Oliver is not even a part of most of them. And one must not forget that all of that is on top of the villain of the week story.

    In general the show is doing a lot better than the past few years, but if there is one thing that I would like from season 8, it is focus.
    Don't introduce too many side plotlines at the same time.
    Put Oliver a little more in the spotlight.
    But don't bring back a uber villain that is better at everything and all events are just part of his plan.


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