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    Chapter 1

    May 2004

    “Clark, you’re going to be…late.” He smirked at his mom as he raced into the kitchen and snatched the piece of toast she’d just buttered. Holding it between his teeth, he shrugged on his jacket and quickly rounded the island and pulled open the fridge. “Get a glass.”

    He rolled his eyes but grabbed a glass from the shelf and filled it to the top with milk.

    “Where’s dad?” He mumbled around the toast before pulling it out of his mouth and leaning down to kiss his baby sister on the head. “Good morning, trouble.”

    She was their miracle baby, all chubby cheeks, spiky blonde hair, and grubby little hands that were currently attempting to snatch his toast from her place in the high chair. They’d all thought he’d be an only child from the rest of his life, but thanks to his birth mother, Lara, that wasn’t the case. She’d blessed his parents with a surprise pregnancy just over two years ago, and he’d honestly never been happier.

    Neither had his parents.

    “He’s run out for diapers, I didn’t realise we were so low.”

    “You should have said, I’d be there and back by now.” He huffed before taking a bite of his toast and washing it down with a big gulp of milk. It was his moms turn to roll her eyes, but she did it with a smile, one that he returned as he grabbed his keys off the counter.

    “It’s fine, sweetie, we needed a few other things too. Are you coming straight home tonight?”

    “Yep. Ollie’s coming at six, then after dinner I’m going to see Jor-El for a couple of hours. So I need to get my chores done first.” He leaned over and tickled Lilly under her chin before kissing his moms cheek and pulling open the door. “I’ll see you later.”

    “Have a good day.”

    “You too.”

    With his slice of toast once again hanging from his mouth, Clark jumped into his truck, dumped his backpack on the seat, and brought the engine to life. The school wasn’t far, but his mom wasn’t wrong, if he didn’t hurry he was going to be late. He been up passed midnight last night, finishing an article for Chloe, and as a consequence he’d slept through his alarm this morning.

    As a rule, he very rarely used his gifts when doing his chores, preferring to use it as an additional workout, but he had this morning. He’d sped from one task to the next. Mucking out stalls, feeding and watering the animals, and fixing the two beams he’d damages the day before. After that he’d rushed up stairs for the quickest shower of his life, and he now had the ten minute journey to school as probably his only time to relax for the remainder of the day.

    Flipping on the radio he grimaced and quickly changed the channel when Whitesnake blasted through the speakers. It was like nails on a chalk board and that was the last thing he needed this morning. Settling on a calmer, country channel, he sank further into his seat, wound the window down and pulled the toast from his mouth.

    He had three months left of school before graduation. Three more months until he had to decide what to do with the rest of his life. He’d already had his acceptance from Met U, paid his tuition, and put a down payment on an apartment. Yet he still had no idea what his major would be.

    Unbeknownst to anyone other than his parents, the Queens and the Bruce Wayne, Dr Swann had ensured that Clark never had to work a day in his life.

    Neither would his children, or his children’s children: if he could even have any.

    But an idle life held no appeal to him. He wasn’t a socialite or a bum. He’d been brought up to appreciate an honest, hard days work, and he thrived on it. Yet, while he love the farm, he’d never seen himself as a farmer, and neither had his parents. He had a higher calling, he knew that, but until he finished his training with Joe-El he had no idea what that calling was.

    And he needed a day job.

    He sighed and finished the last two bites of his toast. Both Robert and Bruce had offered him internships in any department of his choosing, but as much as he appreciated the gesture, he wasn’t going to use his relationship with them to give him a leg up. Besides, he just couldn’t see himself sitting behind a desk for the rest of his life.

    He’d considered the FBI or Fire Department, a career that would put him on the front lines to help people, but DNA and drug testing kiboshed that idea completely.

    Maybe I should just start my own company. Kal-El airways, no frills super-sonic airline.

    “Yeah, you just have to lean to fly first.” He mumbled, as he pulled off the highway and into the school grounds. Jor-El had told him it was possible, but other then floating up off his bed once, his feet were still firmly on the ground.

    As he pulled into a parking space, he spotted Chloe walking toward the school entrance. Quickly grabbing his bag, he pulled out his finished article, and jumped out of the truck.

    “Chloe!” He called as he jogged across the lot, dodging cars and students as people rushed to make it to first period before the bell.

    Chloe stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned to face him, her eyes wide and her smile as fake as Pamala Anderson breasts.

    Clark frowned.

    “Clark. Hi. What’s up?” She chirped brightly, too brightly, and it threw every one of his senses onto high alert. He’d known her long enough to spot her edginess a mile away.

    “Maybe I should be asking you that.” He pushed back, as she linked her arm through his and all but dragging him into the building. “What’s going on?”

    “Going on? Nothing, there’s nothing, everything’s fine. With me I mean. Everything’s fine. Is everything fine with you?”

    “Seriously?” He scoffed, one eyebrow rising as he placed a hand on her shoulder, forcing her to stop. “Start talking.”

    “Talking about what? I don’t need to talk. Do you need to talk? I’m here, ya know, if you do…need to talk.”


    “What? I think we should get to class. Don’t want to be late, and just standing around in the hallway is a sure fire way to be late. Just imagine if you bump into anyone else, and then start talking to them…you’ll be really late then and you don’t want that going on your record, it won’t look good for…”

    “Chloe will you just...”

    “Oh crap!” She moaned, suddenly pulling her arm from his and burying face in her hands. “I’m sorry.”

    “What wrong?”

    “Hi Clark.”

    Every muscle in his body locked down and he clenched his jaw so tight he thought his teeth might break. It was the last voice he expected to hear, and one of only two he hoped to never hear again. His eyes closed and he felt Chloe grasp his hand before he took a deep breath and turned to face her.


    His voice held the a near perfect note of indifference, his eyes were as calm as still waters, and his body was so relaxed he was almost slouched. To any outside observer, and there was a few who had stopped to witness the fatal collision, Clark Kent was the picture of nonchalance.

    If they could only see inside him, they’d know that wasn’t the case. His stomach was now located somewhere near his lower intestines, his heart was suddenly stuck in his throat, and his brain had gone into complete meltdown. In that moment he hated her as much as he’d once loved her.

    “How are you?” She smiled, reaching out her rock ladened left hand, and placing it on his arm. It took everything in him not to recoil, or to zero in on the gaudy pink diamond that ostentatiously declared the price of her soul.

    “Never better.” He smiled back, before looking down to check his watch. The movement forced her hand to fall away, and he breathed an inaudible sigh of relief. “But running late. Maybe I’ll see you later.” His hand fell to the small of Chloe’s back, gently nudging her forward as he turned to make his way towards his first class, and away from his first love.

    “Sure, I’ll see you later.”

    “Yep. Congratulations, by the way.” He called over his shoulder. “I think you’re perfect for each other.”

    “Thanks.” She murmured, her smile as frozen as Chloe’s had been. She didn’t look happy, that was clear to see, but it wasn’t his concern. She wasn’t his concern, she hadn’t been for a while. So he flashed her one more small smile and turned and walked away.

    Just as she had done.

    “You okay?” Chloe murmured as she linked her arm back through his and squeezed it reassuringly.

    “I’m fine.” He lied, knowing full well that she’d see right through him. She knew him as well as he knew her, as well as he allowed anyone to know him.

    Minus the whole E.T thing he had going on.

    She didn’t know that.

    “I only found out this morning that she was back from Paris. I’m sorry, I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

    “You’ve nothing to be sorry for. I promise, I’ll be fine.” Eventually. “I’ll see you at lunch.” He smiled, handing her the now crumpled article and ducking into his classroom.

    After finding his seat at the back of the room, Clark slouched back and scrubbed his hand over his face. He hadn’t been prepared to see her, not yet, and not out of the blue like that. Her engagement announcement was still too fresh, yet easier to deal with when he thought she was still in Paris.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

    Kind of.

    He’d had a crush on Lana Lang for as long as he could remember. At first he’d loved her from afar, too uncomfortable in his own skin to have the confidence to approach her. He’d put her on a pedestal, molded her image in his mind and created the perfect girl. Someone sweet, gentle, kind, loving and without a selfish bone in her body. Nobody could have lived up to his expectations, so it was hardly surprising that the fantasy was so much better than the reality. For that, he could only blame himself.

    But he’d easily fallen in love the person she was, or the person she’d allowed him to see. Blindly bowing to her whims, almost encouraging her to string him along, then standing on the sidelines like a love sick fool when she pushed him away. She’d pull him in, swearing her undying love, until something better came along. Then he’d be relegated to her back pocket where he’d stay until her new plaything hurt her feelings and she needed to feel his adoration.

    Their only real attempt at a relationship had lasted all of four months, and it had shattered his illusions. This was the girl he’d wanted to spend the rest of his life with, yet it had all blown up in his face.

    “So, what does Jor-El think of her?” Oliver asked as he danced around him, the ball in his possession thumping a steady rhythm against the gravel. He stopped then crouched briefly before throwing the ball towards the net. It missed and Clark smirked as he took ownership of it.

    “Think of who?” He frowned as he began his own attack.

    “Your little girlfriend.”



    “He doesn’t think anything. He doesn’t know about her.” He admitted as he took his own shot. The ball sailed through the air and barely grazed the rim as it fell through the net. Ollie growled, and grabbed the ball to attempt a new attack.

    “Well, what does she think about him?” He pushed, one eyebrow raising in challenge.

    “Same answer. She doesn’t know about Jor-El.”

    “But she knows about you, right?” He edged, as he stopped in the middle of the court and hugged the ball to his chest. Clark shook his head and reached for the ball, but Oliver took a step back. “Why?”

    “You know why.”

    “Yeah, I do. But I’m not convinced that you do.”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” He demanded crossing his own arms over his chest. Ollie hadn’t made his dislike of Lana a secret. In fact, he’d been pretty vocal about it for years, so most of the time Clark avoided bringing her up around him. He thought she was using him to inflate her own ego, dragging him around like a lost little puppy, with his castrated balls tucked neatly in her purse.

    “There’s no hidden meaning, Clark. I know why you haven’t told her, but I’d just like to hear it from you.”

    “Because I don’t tell anybody.”

    “But from what you tell me, Lana’s not just anybody, she’s the love of your life. The girl you’ll marry one day. You’re going to have to tell her eventually, I’m surprised she doesn’t already suspect.” Clark glanced down at the ring on his finger and Oliver scoffed as he threw the ball across the court and marched toward him. “Give it to me!”

    “What? No!”

    “Clark, for f**k sake. That ring wasn’t made to be worn twenty four seven. It wasn’t designed so you could bury your head in the sand and play little house on the prairie with Carol Brady. It was made to help with your training, not for you to pretend to be human. When was the last time you went to see Jor-El?”

    Clark shrugged, and Oliver rolled his eyes. It had been months since he’d last been to see his father. Instead he’d been spending his time with Lana, or sat in his loft thinking about her and planning their future.

    “You know, I always admired you. As a child, you took your heritage in stride, accepted it, embraced it, you seemed to actually enjoy it at one point. You were secure in the knowledge that your parents loved you, that we loved you whether you were from Mars or Timbuktu. You’re the little brother I never had, and Bruce will tell you the exact same thing.

    “But since she came into your life, you’ve done nothing but wallow in self pity. You’re the most powerful being on earth, you’re destined to lead, to save us all from ourselves, yet you follow in her wake like a damn sheep, while she tightens the vice on your balls. Love should empower you, Clark, make you feel strong and unstoppable, not make you weak and needy. But not only are you hiding from her, you’re hiding from yourself now and it’s truly pathetic. We may as well have left the whole county riddled with Kryptonite, because nothing’s more poisonous to you than Lana f**king Lang.”

    “What’s wrong with wanting to be human? What’s wrong with wanting a normal life? To get married, have kids and to grow old with the girl you love?” He yelled, his arms flying in the air in frustration. “Do you expect me to spend the rest of my life alone? Saving humanity while never being a part of it. Preserving life, while never living one of my own? Shall I clear out the attic and hide myself away up there, living an eternal life alone while I watch everyone I love grow old and die? Lana is my one chance to have what you all take for granted.”

    “Are you even listening to yourself? Christ, you’re only sixteen and you’ve seen a tiny fraction of the world.” Oliver yelled back getting right up in his face. “No, Clark you’re not human, you will never be human, but you make that sound like it’s a bad thing. If Lana was the kind of girl you seem to think she is, you’d tell her exactly who you are. If she loved you the way that you loved her, you wouldn’t have to hide. You could have all that you want and so much more. You could get married, you could have children, and you could have someone there who would welcome you home with open arms. Someone who would gladly share you with the world, someone who would support you, strengthen you, and comfort you when you’ve been dealing with the worst atrocities the world has to offer.

    “You don’t have to be human to be loved. You’re kryptonian, something that you were once so proud of, and rightfully so. You’ve more compassion, more strength, more goodness in you than anyone I’ve ever met. You’ve got the potential to be a real life hero, and you’re throwing it all away for a girl that honestly treats you like sh*t.” He growled, before turning and stomping away.

    “And just for the record? You haven’t told her about yourself because you don’t trust her.” He yelled over his shoulder.

    Clark has spent the rest of that day, and most of the next, hold up in the loft thinking about everything that Ollie had said. He’d known that most of what he’d said was true, he was hiding from himself and Lana. So with his heart in his throat, he’d climbed in his truck and driven the mile to her aunt Nell’s house, determined to come clean.

    He loved her, he trusted her, and he knew she loved him. Yet, when he’d arrived, when he’d slipped the ring off his finger and climbed the stairs to her room, he’d found her packing her suitcase.

    She’d left for art school in Paris the next day, and six weeks later she’s written to him to tell him it was over between them; she’d met someone else.

    And he’d never been more grateful in his life, that he’d kept his secrets to himself.

    That was over a year ago, and since then he’d thrown himself into his training. Fully embracing his destiny, and reforging the friendships he’d pushed aside. He’d grown up, he was becoming the man he was supposed to be, and for the first time in forever, he was happy.

    Despite his anger, and the residual pain, he knew he wasn’t in love with her anymore. Time and distance had given him ample opportunity to reflect and to see the truth; to see the disaster their relationship had been. But it still hurt to see her. She’d lied to him more than he’d ever lied to her. He wasn’t innocent by any means, he’d never told her where he was from, or about his abilities, and lying by omission made him as guilty as she was.

    But almost every word out of her mouth had been a lie. She’d manipulated him, humiliated him, and as Ollie had said; she treated him like sh*t. Fool that he was, he’d let her, almost thanked her for it, while worshiping the ground she walked on.

    Now she was engaged to the only man he’d ever truly loathed, and he was no longer naïve enough to believe in coincidence.

    Please let let me know what you think and if you would like to read more xx

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    I'm loving this story! So well written, but very different from a lot of the foundations we've known. I'm interested to see how Bruce and Oliver continue to influence Clark. And, of course, can't wait to see Lois' entry into the story, knowing that Lana has been exposed as not being right for Clark (trying to be tactful here...). Please keep this story going - it's a great start! Glad to see a new Clois/Smallville story. Thanks for taking this on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theo67 View Post
    I'm loving this story! So well written, but very different from a lot of the foundations we've known. I'm interested to see how Bruce and Oliver continue to influence Clark. And, of course, can't wait to see Lois' entry into the story, knowing that Lana has been exposed as not being right for Clark (trying to be tactful here...). Please keep this story going - it's a great start! Glad to see a new Clois/Smallville story. Thanks for taking this on!
    Thank you so much for your comment, I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. Yeah I am going with something different which is always a risk...but that’s the fun part; changing things around. With a different beginning and more support for both him and his parents, we have a more confident Clark that’s learned to embrace his heritage. And Lana...well the less said about her the better IMO haha xx chapter 2 is coming up... xx

    Edit - Sorry I've posted the next chapter but it is apparently with the mods so i have no idea when it will show up. Watch this space

    New Edit haha - Ive now posted this at Ao3 to avoid the delays. You can find it here -
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