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    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of "Lebanon"?

    We started off was back (in the “Then” montage) with “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days”. Nice.

    We cut to Now and a pawn shop that secretly sells occult stuff. The boys say they are looking for the skull of Sarah Good, a witch from Salem. The guy says he has it. Sam fiddles with a teddy bear (who will be played up but ultimately turn out to be a red herring? Really thought that bear was gonna play a bigger role. And I wonder, was it a nod to the suicidal teddy bear from “Wishful Thinking”? Another ep that centered around a wish, btw.). You’d think he would know better.

    Turns out the guy killed a hunter and took his stash. He grabbed a sword that can cut through anything (handy) and tries to kill the boys but Dean shoots him. “They always talk too much.”

    They head to Lebanon, where some teens are talking about the boys.

    The boys are, apparently, known as the Campbell brothers in Lebanon (interesting).

    Max (the blonde) steals Baby (in an obvious attempt to impress the dark haired girl—Stacy—whom she obviously is crushing on) and the boys go charging after her. The scene with the boy was funny. “I don’t wanna die!” LOL

    Dean using his wiles on the post office lady was fun. Oh, who can resist Dean?

    The kids with the stuff at the party (and again, playing with the bear. Really surprised that didn’t become a bigger part of the story). John Wayne Gacy’s box releases his ghost (2nd time the boys faced a famous serial killer) as a killer clown. Sam’s face—priceless.

    The boys come in, flashing badges and guns, and clear the room.

    They go to burn the box. “Sammy. Today.” But Sam can’t get the Zippo to light. They do it (easiest ghost bust of all time?) and the kids return, in time to see it. I got the feeling the kids weren’t too keen on the ‘keep it secret’ thing? They didn’t agree until Stacy said something and even later, we see them talking about it on the street. I have to wonder if that might not play back in at some point?

    The magic pearl (where was that when, well, many other times in the past?) and Papa Winchester appears and kicks both boys butts!

    We see John and Mary reunite (very touching) and the boys leave them alone.

    Later, Sam and John have a moment. It was nice and I’m glad it finally seems like Sam has put his issues with John to rest at last. But I’m just sorry Dean and John didn’t also get that closure. I mean, just a few eps back we got Dean talking about how John would send him away sometimes. John never said sorry for that or any of the other stuff he did to Dean.

    John’s time traveling messing with the timeline. The poster of Dean, wanted for crimes and with the blue steel pose, on the window. Sam is a lawyer now and is internet famous? This got me a bit. I mean, first of all, Sam didn’t marry Jess? What? Also, even with Papa gone, I can’t see Sam not helping Dean out. He may not have been pulled back into the life but surely he would help his brother out, especially being a lawyer?!

    Anyhoo, Zachariah and Castiel come to earth and Cas is back to full power. He even shows his wings and is very Season 4ish. I also enjoyed how he went back to clueless!Cas (“I don’t understand that reference”). Fun.

    Cas vs. the boys. Oh man. And I have to admit, I was a little surprised Sam didn’t just gank Cas when Cas had Dean on the ropes. I mean, they knew by then that the timeline would reset and everything would be back to normal. So why not take him out?

    They tell John about it all and John, not surprising at all, chooses to save Mary.

    We very a quiet dinner, then a montage of them talking and laughing. Then a talk between the boys where Dean seems to have accepted his fate in life.

    Papa says bye and that he’s proud of them and he loves them. Sam destroys the Pearl and everything back to normal. We see John in Baby and he talks about a nice dream. The prevailing theory on John seems to be he was sneaking up to Palo Alto to look in on Sam (something we’ve been told both he and Dean did during Sam’s college years). And that he would take the dream (and TPTB said that is all John sees it as, a dream) as perhaps his guilty conscious trying to fix things. I, however, wonder if perhaps he wasn’t with Adam?

    So, I liked this episode and it was great to see the Winchesters all together again (even if for so brief a time) but I was disappointed too because John didn’t even ask about Adam! I mean, Adam is his son too and he didn’t even want to know what happened to him? What?

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    I really hated this episode!

    I mean, I really hated because I knew when it ended that John would be gone....I wish he could stay on but I know the actor is very busy with other stuff. I would love to see a full season with Dean, Sam, Mary and John fighting together against the forces of evil. But this one was my favorite episode of the season for sure.


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