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    Just had to make this comment. I'm probably a bit older than most on here; I was reading DC & Marvel comics when they were .05 and have pretty much gotten away from them over the years. I think all the Superman movies sorta killed it for me but Stan bringing the Avengers out started rekindling interest in my childhood heroes.

    A month ago, I spent about 10 days in a VA hospital and when I got out, I started watching Netflix for some reason and decided to take a gander at Arrow; it was action after all. Netflix had seasons 1-6 and I think I watched every dang episode in about 5 days and here I am trying to piecemeal together season 7.

    I was smitten by the interplay between Oliver and Felicity. Actually, some of Felicity's looks and mannerisms reminded me at times of my 1st GF back in the early 70's and my heart just became a puddle watching. Oh well, that's life.

    Now, unfortunately, I'm stuck trying to put together a coherent season 7. All this jumping between the different Earths confuses me at times. I know all good programs come to an end sooner or later, I just hope we get a few more really good season's before the show rides off into the sunset.

    Y'all take care now and enjoy.

    I guess I should add in that yeah, I know that Felicity is a character and Emily is for real. I hold no opinion that Emily could in actuality be like Felicity but I do think Emily has a very good talent for the role she plays. I read other forums where people think she's just trash or each his own. Not everyone is going to like every actor/actress.
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    Just for historical correctness' sake, comic books never sold for $0.05. The first books, even before Action Comics #1 from 1938 sold for a dime - $0.10.

    Nitpicking over.


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