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    What was your first Star Wars Experience?

    Prior to the release of the Force awakens , I had never watched a single Star Wars movie. Two of my good friends found out. They showed up at my house with episodes 1 through 6 a bunch of pizza and beer. free netflix netflix free trial upcoming movies We marathoned all 6 movies then went to see the force awakens. I have been hooked every since . To this day I can remember every detail of that night .

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    My very, very first one that I can remember was watching a part of A New Hope when I was 8 and the movie was airing on the USA channel, and then later watching a bit from The Empire Strikes Back. From there I decided that stuff looks cool and I started a bigger interest in it, capped off with my parents buying me the whole 1997 special edition of the trilogy for Christmas.

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    Such An Amazing. I Found good friends here


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