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    Death of Superman (2018) and Reign of the Supermen (2019)

    I know there's already a thread dedicated to animated movies, but I wanted to talk about those movies exclusively without getting lost in the other posts about other movies.

    Anyhow... I just got around to watching those movies back to back, and I have to say I loved them.

    Of course, it's not exactly like the comic book series down to the tinest detail. But for movies, I felt that they did an excellent job compressing the death of Superman and the reign of the supermen storylines into two very watchable movies.

    I liked how they got around the fact that Kon-El's costume and speech patterns from the comics were outdated in the way of the '90s, by having him be raised on too much 90's sitcoms and TV while they were hand-rearing him in the Lex-corp clone vats.
    He was adorably confused whenever somebody looked at him funny for using outdated 90's slang, etc.
    "What? that's how they speak in the sitcoms I watch!"

    They did change things around sightly, to fit the fact that this is now set in the same movie universe as the movies "Justice League: War", and "JL: The throne for Atlantis". Although you don't need to watch them first to understand the storylines. although it certainly would explain the costume changes for people like Wonder woman. I'll be honest, I like wonder woman's costume in this movie universe better than I do the default outfit.

    Anyways... that also means that Superman and Wonder Woman briefly dated before deciding that they weren't going to work in "Death of Superman". And now Clark Kent is dating Lois Lane, which makes things awkward. because he's worried that if he reveals his super side to her then that might bring enemies to her doorsteps. And that gets an hilarious callback in Reign of Superman when Wonder Woman and Lois Lane apparently become besties. Clark's reaction to that when he finally comes back to life... heh.

    So what did everyone else think of the movies?
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