Wasn't expecting them to kill off Rebecca. Especially not with them opening with a flashback to her past. Really showed a different side of her. Up until now, she had just been this dangerous mutant, now we got to see her tragic backstory. Would've liked to have seen more of it. We're told that she almost killed her teacher. Did she try to kill the teacher or was the teacher almost killed in an accident, caused by her powers? Of course, it doesn't matter to Sentinel Services. All they see is a mutant, who've almost killed a human, so they apprehend and lock her up (without any proper investigation). For Rebecca's kind (mutants) there is no such thing as a fair trial.

Still hoping for Esme to get away from her sisters.

Hopefully, Lauren went back and saved Noah's life.

Blink will probably get some of the Morlocks to come and save Thunderbird.