I have no real problems with this season. Yeah, there have been disappointments, but nothing huge to me. But there are disappointments. And here is how I would have done this differently:

FLASHPOINT: We're not getting a huge war. That's not practical thinking. But keep it grounded and use the guest star status we have. Captain Cold is our Aquaman. The point of this is to show Barry the effect him being the Flash had on people. Snart would be a much darker person without Barry to show him that light existed. On the other side we have Plastique as our Wonder Woman, another person Barry was able to reach. She would become a government hitman without his help, who would go rogue and killed Leonard's sister. Cold vs Plastique is a meta vs humans-with-tech gang war in Central City. Barry has a happy life with his family, he's with Iris, her relationship with Joe is good, Wally is Kid Flash and even Eddie is alive. Everything is good, until Barry sees the harsh damage and death that the gang war between Cold and Plastique is causing. Barry is not the Flash, but does still have his powers.

FLASHPOINT, PART 2 AKA COUNTDOWN: Caitlin's ice powers are the power source to an ice bomb built by an insane with guilt over the particle accelerator explosion earth 1 Harrison Wells, who was forced to build it by a twisted Captain Cold to wipe out Central City and all the metahuman freaks in it. Dinah Laurel Lance is full tilt comic book Black Canary in Flashpoint, fishnets, canary cry and all, working with Tommy Merlyn's Green Arrow. They and Kid Flash, along with a blue flame powered Eddie, battle Reverse Flash and Captain Cold to keep them from detonating the ice bomb. We get the art school speech from Eobard. Iris, Wally, Joe and Barry's mom/dad get out of the city safely. Barry battles the RF who tries to stop him from stopping the bomb, because watching him die from his own arrogance and mistake too good to pass up according to him. Kid Flash and Eddie keep Eobard down, along with Black Canary and Tommy. Eddie is killed by Eobard. Barry is able to run through time time just as the ice bomb goes off, Kid Flash then grabbing BC and Tommy to get them out. But Eobard follows Barry as he goes through time and Barry tackles himself going through time, which dislodges Eobard from the timeline, him being knocked out of the speedforce. Barry allows his mom to get killed. Same ending.



NEW ROGUES: The same. Mirror Master isn't a meta though, but given advanced tech by someone we don't see.

MONSTER: Shade and Monster are now the same episode. The kid is someone who was altered by Alchemy, who uses illusions. It's a distraction still. Same bonding between Barry and Julian. Same Wally being coerced by Alchemy. Same Caitlin mom/daughter side plot, but only taking up the first half and no silly guy tries to harass Caitlin about her mom. Caitlin just has a freak out at her mom when she hears them discussing how they could use her. This does spur her to tell the team and have Cisco vibe her. Same end.


INVASION: Alchemy has contacted the aliens and has brought them to earth. He fits with Flashpoint. He's constructed an army of speedforce resistant metas. It's too much for Barry. Arrow part is the same group trapped in a Flashpoint delusion by Alchemy. LOT part is them time traveling after discovering that Alchemy is an identity spanning decades and when they get there Cisco is tempted by the stone (after going there because he was manipulated by Alchemy, who told him that the only way he could save his brother is if he got the stone) by the promise that it can alter the timeline, so he can get his brother back, which causes Cisco to try and use it, and it creates the first Alchemy. Cisco realizes his issues right here.

THE PRESENT: Same, basically. Cisco is still tempted by the stone though, but doesn't succumb. Caitlin opens the box with the promise that it can cure her powers.






THE WRATH OF SAVITAR: Same. But the philosophers stone is spit out of the speedforce after Wally's sucked in. The stone is now inert. They give it to ARGUS.

INTO THE SPEEDFORCE: Savitar reveal. Barry sees a future memory, like in Fast Enough, while in the speedforce. It's Future Barry. Everything else is pretty much the same. This is why Barry breaks up with Iris.

DUET: Mostly the same. But one of the main plot points is Barry telling Iris that he discovered his future self is Savitar and that's the lesson for Barry.

ABRA KADABRA: Abra knows when Savitar is created and Barry wants to know and Abra tries to hold the truth of Savitar's identity with the threat of telling the team over Barry to get him to do what he wants. Here Barry reveals that he's gonna be Savitar to everyone. Cisco is able to vibe the when from Abra. Caitlin still becomes Killer Frost.

ONCE AND FUTURE FLASH: Grimm, dark, angry insane future Barry, who murders criminals, hates his own past self's weakness, blames that for all his pain, tries to use the philosophers stone to empower himself and is trapped in the speedforce by Barry and future Cisco, by combining his speedforce portal opening with his vibing. This will be a temporary measure that can be broken by the stone being thrown in. Same stuff for the rest. Cisco has no hands. Wally is broken etc. etc.

I KNOW WHO YOU ARE: Savitar backstory. Due to the creation of flashpoint, the speedforce created the philosophers stone as a consequence, a specific connection to flashpoint, made out of speedforce energy. And the insane future Barry is only from a potential future out of infinite potential futures who has been able to use the stone and manipulate it as a way to create an unnatural time loop, making this only potential future into this world's future, his goal being to control time itself. The same stuff with Tracy and Killer Frost. No romance with her and H.R yet and no afraid of killing Caitlin drama. No break up with Lucille.

CAUSE AND EFFECT: No Heat Monger. Savitar only starts to lose his memories slowly and him and memoryless Barry face off. The explosive fight that was at beginning is at the end.

INFANTINO STREET: They need Snart to steal the philosophers stone back from ARGUS, not as a power source, but as a link to the speeforce. The stone can be repowered by Barry's lightning that he gives off. Same scene between Joe and Iris, where she gives Joe the ring Barry gave her, to give Barry if something happens. They hide Iris on HR's earth, with Gypsy. The same HR scene happens, which allows Savibar to manipulate the situation, knowing that he can use it. HR is guilt ridden. Someone shows up and asks him if he wants to fix his mistake.

Iris gets Gypsy to vibe what's happening in the fight, as Barry tries to blast him with the bazooka, which then ends when Savibar gets right up to Barry and snatches the bazooka out of his hands, ripping the philosophers stone out of it, then thanking him for restabilizing the stone using Barry as the power source, it was the only way he could use it for what he needed.

He couldn't do it himself, as he lost his healthy connection when he was trapped in it. He then moves to kill Barry, saying he no longer needs him.

When Iris discovers that Barry is about to be killed, she begs Gypsy to take her, pleading with her about how she lost someone she loved, so she knows that that's not something to let happen. Gypsy takes Iris there.

Iris offers herself to keep Barry from being killed. Gypsy tries to defend her and is immediately knocked out by Savibar, when she tries to use her speedster stopping vibe on him and he just breezes right past it with the power of the stone. There's a quick flash from a lightbulb busting, an energy discharge, before Savibar grabs Iris and kills her in the same way. Barry grabs her, cries out, end.

FINISH LINE: Barry is driven by rage and grief to destroy Savibar by any means. He lashes out at the team, blaming them for accepting his weakness to not do what he now thinks is necessary. His mom, dad and now Iris are all dead because of that weakness. Joe tries to calm him by telling him that Iris wanted him to move forward, giving him back the ring he gave her, but this makes him angrier.

Cisco loses his hands in the Killer Frost fight. And it's revealed that Killer Frost is holding Julian hostage to sacrifice him as apart of a ritual of Savibar's.

Savibar's plan is to use the stone to become one with the speedforce and manipulate it and time to his will, thinking it will make him a god. But he needs Julian and a speedster to be used as a human bridge for the speedforce energy to be funneled into himself, like he was used as a bridge between Savibar and the team as he was in the speedforce prison. He's still a conduit for Savibar.

Wally goes after Savibar and is decimated by him, his spine being shattered, who then gives him a vision of his new world order and the fact that he'll use Jesse as the speedster as the 2nd half, as he needs a speedster with a complete connection to the speedforce, not a manufactured one like he gave Wally. Jesse is drawn back because of this and is grabbed up by Savibar.

Savibar opens a portal into the speedforce and is going to use the stone to bend it to his will. Before being used as the conduit, Julian pleads with Caitlin to let him go and Killer Frost kisses him, freezing him, before throwing him into the speedforce portal, watching no emotion.

Barry uses the piece of Savibar's armor to track him and he and Savibar fight. Jesse is able to break free just enough to throw the stone to Barry. Barry takes the stone and uses it to empower himself and run so fast he becomes energy, slashing away at Savibar's armor, tearing it apart, ripping it piece by piece off of his body. He grabs Savibar by the throat and is about to kill him, holding the stone.

Savibar tempts him, saying that he must understand, now that he's used the stone, that becoming him is the only path to take, that using the stone to make their life the way it should be, free of pain, to become a god. Then saying that it's fitting that Barry uses the stone, considering the only reason it exists is as a consequence of flashpoint, almost like a remnant of it. Savibar tells him to be him and use all of time to give himself everything he's wanted in life, with no bad repercussions this time.

Barry struggles with this, remembering everything he's gone through, all the pain, but also the good and what it all means for him, that he's just a flawed man, that's who he is, then saying he's not God and has no right to try to be and using all of his powers from the stone to vibrate his hand and smash it into the stone, destroying it, the energy of it exploding.

Barry finds himself in the speedforce, with the speedforce vision of his mom, who tells him what he's done, that he's cemented his place in time now and he can never change it again, it will always be, no matter if he time travels or not, asking him if he accepts that. Barry emotionally says yes.

Barry's now right back to Iris being killed by Savitar, but he doesn't have the stone, he can't use it, and is powerless now. The armor around Savitar deteriorates and Barry runs up to him and grabs him by the throat, choking him, enraged.

Savitar laughs in response, telling Barry to go ahead, that if he kills him, he becomes him, then distorting his voice to the Savitar voice, saying that either way, he'll live.

Barry drops him, saying that no, it's over, that he's not Savitar and he never will be.

Black Flash emerges from the speed force and, knocking Barry away like he's nothing, shoves his hand into the heart of Savitar, him disintegrating like Eobard did. Black Flash then runs up to Barry, and SPEAKS in the voice of TONY TODD: "I beat the Flash." It then disappears.

With the loop broken, Jay is released from the prison and places a comforting hand on Barry's shoulder.

Barry runs up to Iris, who is dead. He notices that she's still wearing the ring, then remembering that she gave it to Joe to give to him. He checks the body, finding the drumsticks, discovering that it's HR.

Meanwhile, the stone now gone, Cisco sees Caitlin's emotions starting to pour through and is able to use that to get to her, by telling her that after everything they've suffered he can't force her not to be Killer Frost anymore, he understands that, but she's his best friend, it's the only thing he can do to try to help her, then telling her that it's her choice and he doesn't want to have to hurt her, but he will to save others, then asking her if she wants to be the villain Killer Frost. Caitlin pushes back against her cold and forces herself to fight against the powers and keep them from corrupting her. The stone is what Savibar was using to drown Caitlin Snow and keep her from re-emerging. Caitlin breaks down, realizing what she's done, broken and devastated as Cisco holds her.

The team is left broken and confused. Iris is gone. HR is dead. And the team retain their memories of what happened before the stone was destroyed. Jay, Harry and Jesse are at HR's funeral.

Caitlin tells Julian how sorry she is for what she did, them deciding that this can't work, because of their memories of what happened and she needs time to figure out how to use her powers the right way. Julian leaves.

Harry tells Wally and Cisco that HR was a brave man and he'll gladly stick around for any help they may need.

Wally asks Jesse why she came back before, knowing that Savitar could do something to her. And she says that she couldn't let him be hurt and alone like that. Jesse says that she has to leave, now that Jay's back and her dad staying, that e2 needs her. Wally maturely understands. She says that if they and he need her, she'll come. They kiss and she says goodbye to her dad and goes back to e2.

Jay tells Barry that he doesn't know what his dad would say about what's happened. But he wants him to know that he's proud of him for being a hero that didn't allow himself to be consumed by darkness. Barry nods with a sad smile. Jay goes back to e3.

Tracy Brand finds a video message from HR on her phone to everybody, which she shows the team.

HR tells them that he's never been worth anything his whole life. That he thanks God that he's been given the opportunity to work with real heroes, that they've given him the chance he used to think he didn't deserve. But he understands now, seeing them all fight as hard as possible, to do what's right, through all the struggles and he gets it now, that being a hero isn't about what you're given or what you can do or what's happened to you, it's about the choice to do what's right in spite of the pain, darkness and grief. And he's so grateful for them showing him that and it's his honor to give himself for someone they love. That's why he was willing to have himself replaced with Iris when someone offered to do so. Because he loves them all and prays for them to have a good story.

After HR's funeral and Barry goes home, holding Iris' ring, alone.

UNTIL OUT OF A PORTAL, BART ALLEN EMERGES. He tells Barry that he has to get up, that Iris isn't dead and he knows that because he's their grandson. He tells him that she was taken out of time by Devoe and replaced with HR, that Iris is still alive.

Barry tells Joe, Wally and the rest of the team what's happening. They tell him to go save Iris and Barry hand over the protection of Central City over to Wally, saying he's the Flash now, Cisco and finally Caitlin, who says that she doesn't think she can. Barry tells Wally and her that being a hero is the hardest thing he can imagine, but it's a choice and they have to commit to it and if they do, they won't let anything stop them, that they can fight the darkness that tells them that it doesn't matter, that it's weak. He gives the role of the leader to Cisco, who has now decided to be a superhero full time, especially after what HR said. Barry goes into the future with Bart.


Post scene is Devoe/The Thinker, who has Iris in suspended animation, using technology to open a portal into the speedforce and pull someone out, through time. Someone walks up to him, asking if he'll use this new guy for the same thing he saved him for. The man who asks this is CAPTAIN COLD.

The Thinker says yes and that he'll be very useful, kneeling down to that person he just pulled out, who is revealed to be EDDIE THAWNE, after he'd been pulled into the wormhole. Thinker asks him if he remembers anything. He says no. Thinker smiles sinisterly and Eddie's eyes flash with blue flames.