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    "Dancing Queen" Countdown/LIVE Discussion Thread!

    Count down to tonight's Legends and talk about it LIVE as it airs!

    Pics can be found HERE:

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    I don't think Nate likes his new job.

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    Did I miss something?
    Why is Nate working there for anyway?

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    Constantine is sure creating sparks in the team since joining.

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    *Facepalm* You just know that they're setting up something where Nate keeps acting stupid around Charlie, because she looks like Amaya. And was Amaya ever really the team's "moral compass"? Has Nate lost his powers?

    Conflicted feelings about them robbing Charlie of her ability to shape-shift. On the one hand, if they had allowed her to keep it, they could've ended up with another fix all concept. That never gets used, because then the whole plot would be over in five minutes (i.e. you have a situation, where everything could be solved, by Charlie shape-shifting into someone). I just hope she gets back some degree of it, eventually. Otherwise, her being a shape-shifter, would just be a weak plot device for them to keep using Maisie, without her being Amaya Jiwe, for this one episode. Naturally, she probably shouldn't get her ability back by next episode. Otherwise, you end up with the question of why she keeps looking like Amaya Jiwe, rather than herself or someone else. If she gets to stay like this for a while, it's understandable that she keeps using it (as she's gotten used to it and it's the form she's interacted with the team most in). Though, with her being introduced in episode 3 of 16, is there enough time for her to be stuck like this, for it to be believable that she keeps using Amaya's appearance. I can understand a shape-shifter using a form, that they've been stuck in for years, but one they've only been stuck with for a few weeks?

    At least Ray's gotten smart enough to build in a fail-safe in this version of the Atom suit (not the first time it's been stolen and used by the villain of the week).

    The rating continues to drop. This week it was down to 0.86 million viewers (last week it was 0.94 million, following a premiere with 1 million viewers). So, this is likely to be the last season. Just hope the writers will know that, before they write the season finale (so, that the show doesn't end with a cliffhanger).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jon-el87 View Post
    *Facepalm* You just know that they're setting up something where Nate keeps acting stupid around Charlie, because she looks like Amaya. And was Amaya ever really the team's "moral compass"? Has Nate lost his powers?
    Nope, not at all.

    This is just my opinion but I think Martin Stein was their moral compass and the team hasn't really been the same in that regard since his death. I mean, Legends is still fun to watch but no one has been able to replace his presence on the team. He was the team's moral compass.

    Another fault with the show currently is the lackluster big bad. Season 2 was a gold mine for the show with the Legion of Doom and while Mallus was a huge dump last season, at least Darhk was still around. Now? We don't know who the main villain is currently but it will probably be another dud like Mallus.

    Vandal Savage and Mallus were huge maybe they need to end things with the current season and move on.

    As for Nate losing his powers....don't think so. Him working in the "office" is probably a way to keep the CGI bill down to limit the times he uses his steel powers. We've seen their ways of handling the likes of Firestorm and Atom in the past, lol
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