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    Loved it? Hated it? What do you think of #5-4"News Flash"?

    What did you think of this episode?

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    Now we know why Nora has an issue with her mother in the future and itís not pretty between them. Ralph needs to work on his confidence.

    Though Barry works for the PD, members of his team have similar skill sets that could get them into the police.

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    I'm glad they delved more into Nora's story, but I'm hoping they reveal soon who sent her to the past in the first place. Last week's episode hinted at it, and I really want them to follow through soon. I really don't like when a whole season is strung out over a small plot point.

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    In the episode, how did Nora catch the Flash in the stadium. He is obviously faster. Also, how did they not spot the reporter when they were zipping around the stadium looking for the bomb?!

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    Glad to see the revelation of why Noraís so distant from Iris (she stuck a dampening device in her to deprive her of her powers), which to me is a good reason for Nora to be mad. Only problem is sheís remembering 2024 Iris doing that, not present day Iris. To me the episode then took an interesting turn at the end where Iris and Barry say the dampener was justified, but then Nora says it shouldíve been her choice to make.

    As far as Iím concerned both sides kinda have a point in this, but we still arenít clear on how or who really sent Nora into the past, so thereís clearly some context that she still hasnít revealed yet.

    Thats about all I wanted to say. Again glad the reason was brought up because the whole ďletís rag on Iris with no concrete logicĒ thing was getting old at this point.

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    'News Flash' is a good episode. We learn more about Nora's past and why she's distant with her future mother. This time, the Flashes fight a person using tech against them. I like how they defeated her and can't wait for the next episode.


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