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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSecretVampire View Post
    I meant in the sense of if they are going to have Caitlin as Killer Frost on a regular basis, then do so and give her more to work with. I really never thought they did all they could with that character. Put it this way, she didn't hit the max in KF storytelling....there's still a lot more they can do with that character.
    There's a LOT more they could do with Iris's reporting career too, but I won't get my hopes up. It's bad enough Supergirl gave up on her reporting career in season 2, (did she get it back in season 3?), don't let the same thing happen to Iris!

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    I actually thought it was kind of bad that Supergirl got a job as a reporter.. kinda felt like the writers made her a female version of Clark Kent that way... I wanted them to have her do something else that would help her stand apart and step away from Superman's shadow.

    Iris on the other hand... she was canonically a TV reporter in the comics and I often wished that they had made her a TV reporter from the very start. or at least start out as a intern for a TV news channel progam.

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