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    Riverdale "Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World"

    Archie sure is dumb. Yes, openly threaten a mob boss. That's not going to blow up in your face. Of course, this is the same kid, who made a video full of shirtless guys, where he was threatening a serial killer. Running after people, who are carrying guns. Picking fights with biker gang members. At least his stupidy is somewhat consistent.

    And here I was tired of the whole mafia thing... so, Hiram goes and sets up his own Legion of Doom. Ensuring that there won't just be more mafia stuff, but we'll also have this cartoon-ish society of super-villains.

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    Yeah, Archie was dumb as heck. Not saying he was better off killing Hiram in that moment, but look at him now....gets framed and set up for a murder he didn't commit. Archie's anger got the better of him, but he should've known that threat to Hiram, who is full of power and money, was going to bite him in the end. Now of course, this will likely bring Archie's mom back in the fold to defend her son in court and surely, he'll eventually get out of this based on how we know these shows work....but I found it comical how Hiram felt threaten a bit by Archie to set him up because he could've easily let that go and just moved on, lol. And his new partners seemed a bit concerned about Archie's meddlesome friends.

    It will be interesting to see if Archie and Hal share a jail cell for a while just to see what happens there. And that red Serpents jacket looks so good on Cheryl.


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