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    Lucifer #3.24 "A Devil of My Word"

    They had really good action scenes in this episode. Between Lucifer shielding Chloe with his wings and then taking on Pierce and his men. It's a shame that we didn't see more of this type of action. Might've saved the show from being cancelled.

    The end on a cliffhanger, but I'd consider it a mild cliffhanger. Yes, Chloe now knows that Lucifer is the devil (which will affect their relationship). But, it's not one of those major cliffhangers, that leave you with a ton of unanswered questions.

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    Hopefully Warner Bros Television and JBFilms find another network to air Lucifer on.

    The finale way great.

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    Yeah, I hope this gets picked up somewhere for at least 13 more episode to fully close this story out. I want to see a season of Chloe's reactions now that she sees Lucifer's true face, aka the devil.


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