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    The predator (2018)

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    I saw it over the weekend and found this movie to be disappointing. No longer are these predators about hunting for trophies and trying to one up their fellow predators. No, now all of a sudden, they are collecting spinal columns for genetic material to better themselves and make super-predators. This just demolishes the mystique of the franchise. Oh yea, there are predators who don't believe that humans should be used for harnessing their genetic material and have fled the predator homeworld to deliver a weapon so that earthlings can fight the bad guy predators. Wow!!! Almost forgot, the scientist/government humans studying the predators, supposedly think that the predators started visiting Earth in 1987. Really? The woman in the original movie said "they've been coming during the hottest seasons." This would indicate that they've been hunting on Earth for a bit longer. This movie seemed really long. I didn't care for the loonies that went after the predator. It's hard to take this movie serious. I would like to give this movie a D+.

    *I guess that I did forget to mention that the good predator with a conscience decided to string up to a tree and skin a sniper after crash-landing.
    *I also forgot to mention that the Predator gave Danny Glover that old pistol at the end of Predator 2 meaning the Predator aliens have been visiting Earth for a very long time. Unless like everything else being given sequels, being remade, rebooted, or whatever just ignore the parts of the franchise they choose to because they are unpopular.
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