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    Sad to see Charlotte go (hopefully, she got to go to a funner place, than last time). Tragic that this is what it took for Amenadiel to regain his wings. Of course, given that this show deals with angels (and we're shown that there is a life after that), there is nothing to prevent Charlotte from returning. Actually, if anything, it makes her death less impactful for us as viewers. Sure, her body dies, but Charlotte is still around (only in a different form). When Chloe and the others will meet her again, after they've died.

    Glad that we're finally going to get the final confrontation between Lucifer and Cain/Pierce.

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    This episode was great.

    Charlotte is in heaven this time. Amenadiel flew her up to heaven so that is good. She died trying to protect Amenadiel from Cain.


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