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    Krypton #1.7 "Transformation"

    Didn't really get this up in time for the Live thread, but you can talk about "Transformation" here!

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    Come on now. Daron-Vex isn't that cowardly.

    Seg's plan sure backfired there at the end. Brainiac once again proving to be one step ahead. I like Adam's storyline more and more. At first he came across as a clean cut good guy, but his mission to save Superman no matter the cost is turning him into a grey character.

    Still too much love triangle teasing for my liking. Especially now that Nyssa seems to be aligning with Seg.

    Poor Dev.

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    I was wondering how their plans were going to go terribly wrong, because I knew that in an setting like Krypton things weren't going to go so smoothly.

    I kept on thinking that one of the two women were going to **** up things somehow because they were jealous of each other over Seg-El, and were kind of dreading that moment. Nothing I hate more than Melodrama, ya know? So Thankfully the show surprised me by going in a different direction.


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