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    Riverdale "Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember"

    Riverdale High does Carrie the Musical, which prompts the students to break out into song, both onstage and off. Which doesn't quite work. Here, we've got the characters occationally break out into song, as part of their daily lives. This didn't happen last episode and it won't happen next episode. So, why do they break out into song now? No reason is given. It's not uncommon for shows to do musical episodes, but it helps if there's some explaination for why a non-musical show suddenly have people starting to sing. Scrubs had a woman with a medical condition hallucinate, that people around her was singing. Buffy and Once Upon a Time had there be a spell, that caused people to break out into musical numbers. The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover (even if I consider that to be a bad one) had the two main characters be captured in a dream world, where they were part of a musical.

    Nor can I say that the musical numbers did anything for me. I just wanted them to be over, so we could move on with the plot. Which isn't what one is supposed to feel, when watching a musical. The numbers shouldn't feel out of place and should drive the story forward, nor should I wish for the numbers to be over. A problem is that there are too many plots going on at once (something the writers are clearly not able to handle). So, we're jumping all over the place.

    In regards to the rest of the plot. Midge has been killed, by someone claiming to be the Black Hood. Suspected that the other guy would be a red herring. I really disliked Kevin in this episode. He keeps getting threatening notes, from someone who claims to be the Black Hood. Even if he didn't think it's the real B.H., he should've shown the notes to his dad.

    Cheryl demands to be emancipated. I like that development. However, this should've been handled before this episode. Last episode, she broke out of a nunnery, where her mother had sent her. And she's back to school, the next day. You're left wondering why penelope Blossom hasn't sent her back there? And would Cheryl not have tried to be emancipated, if her mom hadn't stopped her from being in the school musical?

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    Honestly, I didn't like this last episode. The whole musical thing was annoying to me! I hope the next episode will be a normal one!


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