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    Lucifer #3.20 "The Angel of San Bernardino"

    Chloe Sullivan: "Oh, so you're totally into making out and sleeping with Chloe D. What about me? Why can't Chloe S get that kind of attention?"

    The reveal with the "angel" simply being a shadow from an angel figurine was rather predictable.

    When Pierce recruited Maze in the last episode, I was expecting there to be some sinister plan involved.

    Okay, so now the mark is gone. Will be interesting to see if Pierce will die (though, that strikes me as a season finale type of thing. Not episode 21 out of 24) or if he'll decide to continue living... Which could end with him, ironically, being killed. Unless TW will be there for a fourth season.

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    Aww... long live the forums. Haven't dropped in here in a long while.
    Came by as I'm starting the most recent episode, and noticed that there wasn't a new thread yet.

    In relation to the previous comment, so as to avoid spoilers... the Lucifer writers have been generous with the nods to TW and Smallville this season, haven't they?


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