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    This was a better episode than the Pilot, and went a long way towards endearing pretty much all of the main characters to us as an audience and delving into their own individual stories while also progressing the bigger narrative in the background.

    Since Seg is our primary protagonist, it was only appropriate that the bulk of the episode centered on him and his motivations, and I liked that he spent most of the episode focused on using his impending elevation in status and rank to exact personal revenge, because it gave him an arc. I especially liked his interactions with his grandfather Val, Nyssa, and Lyta.

    Speaking of Lyta, the show is very much setting her up as Seg's biggest ally in the fight to save Krypton, which also makes me think that she might end up becoming an official part of a restored House El, with the lineage of House Zod continuing in some other way. Seeing her speak out against the reckless and wholesale slaughter of the Rankless let us see who she is beyond just her complicated relationship with her mother, her cool-but-cordial interactions with Dev-Em, and her passionate affair with Seg, and also gave us a glimpse into how her mind works in terms of how she manipulates the system and puts herself into a position to make a stand for the things she believes in by challenging Quex-Ul to ritual combat.

    And then we have Nyssa. In my review of the Pilot, I said she reminded me of the comics version of Talia al Ghul and the Arrowverse version of Nyssa al Ghul, and her actions in this episode only reinforced that idea. She's clearly manipulating Seg, but one also gets the feeling that she may also be manipulating her father, although to what specific ends we don't yet know.

    Moving on from Nyssa, I want to ask a question: did anybody else get the feeling that Blake Ritchson is playing the Voice of Rao in an uncredited role? There's just something about the way that character slunk into the scene where Seg came in and refused to wear the sigil of House Vex and spoke for the very first time that reminded me of what little we saw of Brainiac in the Pilot, especially with the reveal at the end of the episode that Brainiac is already on Krypton in some fashion.

    Like I said at the top of my review, I thought this episode was better than the Pilot, and can't wait to see what the personal fallout from its developments and revelations ends up geing, especially for Seg, Lyta, and Nyssa.
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