For those who doesn't know, there's been a reboot series of The Tick on Amazon prime. It's based on the short-lived action series as well as some of the cartoon series.

I had my doubts at first, but it's actually a pretty good show. It's still a comedy, but it managed to do some serious world-building so that the Tick universe made sense. Tick is still his blue, goofy lovable self, and Arthur makes a pretty good "straight man" foil for him.

When Amazon had this show made, it seemed as if they actually paid attention to what made the cartoons and the old live action series work so well... and actually kept those elements as they ported it over into their reboot. This is why it's such a good reboot... one of the rare cases where they showed us that Reboots doesn't have to suck at all.

I actually found myself looking forward to the next season.