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    The Gifted #1.10 "eXploited" Countdown/LIVE Thread!

    Count down to tonight's episode of The Gifted and talk about it LIVE as it airs!

    Pics can be found here:

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    That was a great way to leave us hanging for a few weeks. Lots of drama, lots of action, and here come the Stepford Cuckoos. I have loved seeing all the non-comics fans losing their minds wondering what is going on with that reveal. ;D I got chills watching the Skyler's come together and her eyes glowing, and being nice and casual while FIRE EXPLODES BEHIND HER.

    This show never ceases to please me with how much it really captures the spirit of the X-Men comics and does it better than the movies. The movies don't have much space for character stuff and social issues, and instead need to get to the next big action sequence because that's what people paid to see. A weekly series really allows them to explore the core themes of the X-Men like family, justice, hatred, intolerance, etc etc.

    And I know a lot of people aren't happy with Dreamer's death, and while I'm saddened by it, I certainly haven't turned against the show. If anything, it plays into the recurring theme I've begun picking up on throughout the entire run; Just what lengths are you willing to go to, to save people?

    What lengths will Marcos go to to save Lorna?
    What will Esme do to save her sisters?
    What compromises will Jace make to protect humans?
    What will the Struckers do for their kids?
    And now we know what lengths Campbell will go to, in order to achieve his goals; Anything.

    Also, it's important to remember this is key to Campbell's motivation and character. He doesn't see mutants as anything more than dangerous animals. He calls them HOUNDS, even. He has no regard for any of them, save for what they can do for him. So it is perfectly in character for him to kill a mutant, any mutant, if it will serve his ends.

    Ahem *hops off his soapbox*

    This show gets better every week, and has some top notch acting from everyone involved. I will be crushed if this show doesn't get picked up. It's so close to everything I want from an X-Men show, and while it may not be perfect, I am really loving it, and there's so much more story to tell.



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