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    The Gifted #1.7 "eXtreme Measures"

    Talk about the 11/13/17 Gifted here! This can be a live thread if you want it to be.

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    Oh man, this episode... Loved the different teaching styles between Caitlin and Lorna, and both finding a mutual respect for what they both see as necessary to their survival. This could have been SO confrontational, but while they both have their own ideas about what's right, they respect the other...and that actually applies more to the previous episode, but it carries through here with Caitlin starting to teach the kids.

    I pretty much knew exactly how the scene between Marcos and Lorna was gonna play out, down to exact lines, but the acting is top notch both from Emma and Sean. It's a classic sort of scene, and one we've seen before, but they really brought it.

    I like that we're a little less escaping and running and close calls, and things are slowly turning more towards the mutants wanting to hit back, and doing some detective work.

    I've been thinking about the show a lot, and I'm finally homing in on something that both bugs me AND makes this a show I love. While it's X-Men, or close enough, it never quite felt comicbooky enough, with a lack of fights...which is understandable on a tv effects budget. This makes it feel very much like a street level take on the mutants, and rather than trying to force things, The Gifted has turned that into a STRENGTH and focused on character and relationships and plot. So while it's not the bombastic comic show I want, I love what we got.



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