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    Riverdale "Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods"

    Talk about the third episode of Riverdale Season 2 here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSiteTV View Post
    Talk about the third episode of Riverdale Season 2 here!
    Another solid episode this week. Overall, I'm really enjoying Season 2 of Riverdale. It's fresh, with involving plots that make you want to tune in next week to know what is going to happen. The characters are interesting and the acting is above average for CW standards.

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    Fun to see Polly again. Was starting to think that she had come down with Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.

    Also nice to see them mentioning Dark Betty (another thing I was suspecting that they'd forgot).

    I am starting to think that Kevin is jinxed. In the pilot episode, he finds Jason's body, just as he's about to hook up with Moose. Here he's trying to hook up with another guy and finds himself in the middle of the shooting of Moose and Midge.

    I enjoyed the Kevin-Betty plotline. You know, Betty insists that she doesn't want Kevin to go out into the woods, because of the killer, but I find myself thinking that there's more to it than that. Up until now, Kevin's been her gay best friend. Someone who'll listen while she bables about Archie and Jughead. Now Kevin is no longer interested in hanging out, watching a reality dating show (no doubt all about straight couples) and listening to her heterosexual love triangle. He wants to go out and be with other gay men. Wouldn't surprise me if Betty is, at least, a little resentful towards that. Because some part of her has been expecting Kevin to stay her gay best friend, as presented by Hollywood.


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