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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Aug 03
    Burbank, CA by way of Annapolis, MD

    The Gifted Episode #1.3 "eXodus"

    If anyone wants to live-thread it, there's a new Gifted on tonight!

    If not, let this be the episode thread.

    Pics can be found here:

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    Board Master Superman's Princess's Avatar
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    Jan 07
    I really liked that opening scene. That was nice.

    I'm still learning all the characters names/powers.

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    New In Town JasonGrey's Avatar
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    May 06
    I've been hovering around eight so far, because I had a few nits to pick, and knew there was room for improvement. But tonight's episode hit a ten for me.

    First of all, I love seeing people having FUN using their powers, like Polaris and Eclipse at the start of the episode. I've seen enough "Oh whoooa is me, I have powers, they are SUCH A CURSE!" to last me a baker's dozen of lifetimes. Screw that! Give someone powers, and they'd have FUN! And seeing the joy of Polaris flying, and when they touched, their powers mixing and causing a mini Aurora, SO much goodness.

    Also, over the summer, I started noticing Lorna's steel toed boots and literally said, "Is she wearing them as a fashion choice, or will she USE THEM TO FLY?" and that made me SO HAPPY to have it confirmed. =D *victory boogies*

    I love Caitlin's independence and not just going to be quiet, I love her being the mom of the whole group, and a growing conscience, as well as fighting for these new people she's met, and not just because her kids are there, but because it's the *right thing to do*.

    And seeing Reed make the right decision...I was worried he was going down a dark road, but I was rootin' for him, and he pulled through.

    I absolutely loved seeing Lorna being a badass too, and still pulling off an AMAZING feat of strength and power, even through the inhibitor collar. My girl is MAD powerful. =D



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