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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Aruba-Con?"

    What did you think?

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    Again, watching, placeholder;
    already said how much rip is annoying me this season, ; he knows what the legends are capable of, when they arenít screwing up, so i donít like the attitude.
    Iím also getting tired of the legends having menial lives when theyíre not fixing history. Itís just pathetic.
    So stein is going to have a granddaughter now? And he still finds it more fufilling to travel with the legends. Honestly, i donít know what the purpose of giving him a kid was, if he keeps acting like sheís just an anachronism.
    So how exactly did amaya get back to 1942? Speaking of Amaya, I thought all the legends knew about vixen, and Ray told her about Mari. Here, he said rip did it. And iím Guessing the tantu totem might be possessing her or something; she couldnít do that stuff with it before. And do you think wally could have a place on the legends?
    Still wish the legends couldíve fought in the gladiator arena.
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    I like that the Legends are paying the consequences of their actions from last season as the team was rightfully by Rip Hunter, who was the one who assembled them in the first place.

    There is going to be clashes between the Legends and Time Bureau concerning how to deal with time travel throughout the season.

    I was hoping Rip was referring to the threat from Earth-X and I wonder if he will be in the crossover.

    Glad Amaya went back to 1942 because as long as she's in the present, we can't have Mari as Vixen of the current time.

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    Not a very exciting episode. Will stick with the show for the season, but it'll probably be the last one I'll bother watching.

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    I like how the whole "Broke time" issue was only resolved within the first 3 minutes of the episode.

    Other things I wanna point out are that Rip and the Time Bureau aren't really wrong at all regarding the Legends. I like them and all, but come on, they do make a ton of problems throughout the series, and they did it again in the episode so they were basically proving his point. At the same time, he was the one who recruited them in the first place, under false pretenses I might add, so there's that.

    Was a bit upset that Amaya wasn't in this episode much but it was necessary given her history.

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    'Abuba-Con' is a good way to start the season. Rip crated the Time Bureau to fix the mess created by the Legends. I still wish that the writers have the Legend visit the other Earths instead of the time stream, but it was still an episode worth watching.


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