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    Dax-Ur and Brainiac theory

    In the episode "Persona", a Kryptonian named Dax-Ur (Marc McClure) is credited as the creator of Brainiac. This contradicts both the earlier episode "Lara" and the later episode "Homecoming", where Jor-El is credited as his creator. But, what if it's not a continuity error? In "Persona", Dax-Ur states that he realized much too late, that his technology could lead to the destruction of worlds. That's a statement, that you'd expect hear, after things have gone wrong.

    If we look at the episode "Legion", the Legion states that they'll reprogram Brainiac into Brainiac 5. This was the first and only time that a number was applied to Brainiac (keep in mind, the Legion are from the future, so they'd know things that Clark (and us) doesn't know yet). That they'll reprogram him into Brainiac 5, means that the then current Brainiac was Brainiac 4. He might've become Brainiac 4, after he was repaired at the end of "Persona". This would make the season 5 Brainiac, Brainiac 3. And the dialogue in "Lara" would then refer to Brainiac 2 (Brainiac, before he was corrupted and reprogrammed to serve Zod). This would then leave us with one Brainiac unaccounted for.

    As a reprograming would turn him into Brainiac 5, stuff like him possessing Chloe (and another woman, in season 7) wouldn't count as distinct versions of Brainiacs (nor all of the copies seen in season 5), as the programing remains the same. Furthermore, if we counted stuff like him possessing Chloe, we'd have to factor in that he did it twice (and infected the Fortress in between the two times). This would effecting the numbering and result in the Brainiac seen in season 10, having a higher number than "5":

    Jor-El's Brainiac: Brainiac 1
    Zod's Brainiac: Brainiac 2
    Brainiac (season 7): Brainiac 3
    Brainiac-in-Chloe 1: Brainiac 4
    Brainiac-in-Fortress: Brainiac 5
    Brainiac-in-Chloe 2: Brainiac 6
    Brainiac 5 (season 10): Brainiac 7

    In "Lara", Lara's exact words are "Jor-El's Brain InterActive Construct". What if she said it like that, to distinguish it from another Brain InterActive Construct?

    This would then mean, that over a century ago, Dax-Ur created Brainiac 1. However, Dax-Ur didn't realize the danger in his technology, until it was too late (potentially after it had destroyed a world or two) and came to Earth, to clear his concsience. In the 1980's, with Krypton facing certain doom, Jor-El had no choice but to recreate Dax-Ur's technology, in a desperate attempt to save the planet. So, he created Brainiac 2. At some point, Brainiac 2 was corrupted and reprogrammed into the evil Brainiac 3. Over 20 years later, the damaged remains of Brainiac 3 sought out Dax-Ur and got himself repaired, becoming Brainiac 4. After possessing Chloe Sullivan, Brainiac 4 was reprogrammed into Brainiac 5 and joined the Legion.

    If this would turn out to be the case, it means that Brainiac 1 might still be out there somewhere and might encounter Superman in the future.

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    I think the 5 in Brainiac 5 was just said as a reference to Brainiac 5 being a member of the Legion of Super Heroes in the comics.

    The way I interpreted it, Dax-Ur created the technology that made Brainiac's creation possible but upon doing so, realized what could happen if his technology were to fall into the wrong hands or was to be corrupted. So this to me is why he left Krypton 100 years before the events of season 7 (specifically the episode Fierce) and abandoned his beacon.

    From the episode Kandor, we know the punishment for Jor-El abandoning the creation of the orb and the Kandorian clones was death and he was sentenced to death by the Council until Zod was able to change their minds. Dax-Ur abandoning the Brainiac project would have very likely resulted in the same death sentence, so I'd say that's very likely why he fled Krypton and ditched his beacon in the time capsule on Earth so he couldn't be found. Before he left Krypton, Dax-Ur could have easily destroyed some of his work to delay the actual implementation of his research.

    To continue my interpretation on the creation of Brainiac, it would have been Jor-El who later picked up Dax-Ur's research and actually engineered Brainiac's creation by applying Dax-Ur's discoveries that made that creation possible.

    For those who saw Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Dax-Ur's line about realizing too late that his work could result in the destruction of worlds is similar to how Miles Dyson in T2 realized that his work on what would become Skynet at Cyberdyne Systems would turn on humanity after the T-800 terminator along with John & Sarah Connor proved it to him. Just like in Miles Dyson's case where he realized the danger before Skynet was built, I think the same is true of Dax-Ur regarding Brainiac, though he did not need a time traveler to prove it to him. Jor-El's role would be like if John, Sarah, Miles Dyson & the T-800 would have failed to destroy Dyson's research at the Cyberdyne Systems building along with the hand & previous T-800's (from T1) cpu and someone else picked up and continued Dyson's work in the creation of Skynet.

    We know how stubborn the Council was at times, and Dax-Ur just taking off would fall in line with an acceptable response to what we saw not only in Smallville's take on the Council as seen in Kandor but also in the Donner film's (Superman II as well) take on it regarding how they told Jor-El and Lara that they were not allowed to leave Krypton or warn anyone about its impending destruction. And we all know how much this show took from those films, especially the first 2.

    I think if Brainiac would have been fully & physically created by Dax-Ur and had already destroyed worlds, the entire concept of making a newer Brainiac would have been abandoned by the Council, Jor-El, and anyone else other than maybe Zod or Zor-El but they were clearly never credited for his creation, so I would rule them out.
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