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  • Five For Fighting - Superman (Stray)

    1 25.00%
  • Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jule - Mad World (Visage)

    0 0%
  • Johnny Cash - Hurt (Shattered)

    1 25.00%
  • Mozart's Requiem, Introitus (Covenant)

    1 25.00%
  • Depeche Mode - Precious (Arrival)

    0 0%
  • Peter Gabriel - I Grieve (Reckoning)

    0 0%
  • AFI - Prelude 12/21 (Subterranean)

    0 0%
  • Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls (Persona)

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  • Vast - Don't Take Your Love Away (Bride)

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  • Other (see my post)

    1 25.00%
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    Favorite episode ending montage with music

    Anyone who's watched the series knows it featured some pretty good music throughout the series. Many episodes end with a scene or a montage where music plays up until the ending credits are shown. What are your favorite ending scenes/montages featuring music that took place in this series? I also posted a poll for your single favorite ending scene/montage featuring music of the series.

    When voting, please take into account not just the music playing but the scene as well and perhaps how the music complements the scene/montage. For the purposes of this thread & the poll, I'm only asking for ending scenes/montages featuring music where the scene/montage with the music is the last thing we see before the screen fades to the ending credits. So please no scenes with music that are not at the very end. Also I'm not counting scenes that end in a score, so the ending scene from Calling where John Williams' The Planet Krypton score or the ending scene in Quest where Lex finds the orb with that score music playing don't count.

    Anyway, in case people forgot & would like to remember, I compiled a list of some composers' music that played in the series and the episodes whose final scenes/montages they played in. Here is the list:

    Lifehouse - Everything (Pilot)
    The Calling - Wherever You Will Go (Metamorphosis)
    Binocular - You (Hothead)
    Shelby Lynne - Wall In Your Heart (X-Ray)
    Jewel - Standing Still (Cool)
    Enrique Iglesias - Hero (Craving)
    Course Of Nature - Caught In the Sun (Shimmer)
    Bush - Inflatable (Leech)
    Remy Zero - Perfect Memory (Kinetic)
    Kid Rock - Lonely Road Of Faith (Zero)
    U2 - Beautiful Day (Nicodemus)
    Five For Fighting - Superman (Stray)
    Eva Cassidy - Time After Time (Crush)
    Coldplay - In My Place (Vortex)
    Avril Lavigne - Tomorrow (Heat)
    Greg Jones - Ordinary (Duplicity)
    Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Red)
    Sheila Nicholls - Love Song (Nocturne)
    Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There (Redux)
    Renata Tebaldi - Un Bel Di Vedremo (Lineage)
    Dishwalla - Angels or Devils (Ryan)
    A-Ha - I Wish I Cared (Dichotic)
    Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jule - Mad World (Visage)
    Sixpence None The Richer - Don't Dream It's Over (Rush)
    The Flaming Lips - Fight Test (Prodigal)
    Steadman - Wave Goodbye (Fever)
    David Gray - The Other Side (Visitor)
    Gus - Don't Fear The Reaper (Precipice)
    Dido - White Flag (Phoenix)
    R.E.M. - At My Most Beautiful (Slumber)
    Lonestar - Walkin' In Memphis (Perry)
    Johnny Cash - Hurt (Shattered)
    Staind - So Far Away (Asylum)
    Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (Velocity)
    Alanis Morrissette - Everything (Resurrection)
    Georges Bizet - Les Pecheurs De Perles [Je Crois Entendre Encore] (Crisis)
    Paul Schwartz - Stabat Mater (Truth)
    Evanescence - My Immortal (Memoria)
    Gaetano Donizetti - La Fille Du Regiment [Convien Partir] (Forsaken)
    Mozart's Requiem, Introitus (Covenant)
    Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending (Facade)-
    Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today (Run)
    Keane - We Might As Well Be Strangers (Spell)
    Johnathan Rice - Break So Easy (Unsafe)
    Minnie Driver - Deeper Water (Pariah)
    Simple Plan - How Could This Happen To Me (Recruit)
    Mark Joseph - Fly (Lucy)
    Lifehouse - You and Me (Spirit)
    Switchfoot - This Is Your Life (Blank)
    Wonderlife - Around the Way (Forever)
    Depeche Mode - Precious (Arrival)
    Peter Gabriel - I Grieve (Reckoning)
    Maria Callas - Casta Diva (Cyborg)
    James Carrington - Ache (Wither)
    AFI - Prelude 12/21 (Subterranean)
    Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day (Promise)
    Kelly Clarkson - Sober (Bizarro)
    Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls (Persona)
    Vast - One More Day (Veritas)
    Vast - Don't Take Your Love Away (Bride)
    Uh Huh Her - Dreamer (Infamous)
    Chris Lind - A Story of Us (Charade)
    Kim Taylor - Baby I Need You (Homecoming)
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    For me, my favorites have to be:

    1. Mozart's Requiem, Introitus (Covenant): This was by far the most brilliant scene I have ever seen on this show and the filming of it was perfect. Having Mozart's Requiem play as Lionel was getting his head shaved, which was not a wig but John Glover's actual hair as he was willing to do it for the scene-- meaning they only had 1 take to get it right-- while Lex gets poisoned, Chloe's & Gabe's safehouse explodes, Martha watches as the Kent farm field is shown burning with a Kryptonian symbol for crusade, Jonathan is showing lying lifeless in the Kawatche cave, and Clark is now completely Jor-El's prisoner in that hidden chamber in the Kawatche cave was just awesome. I remember the first time I watched it, my mouth remained open as I tried to take in what was happening on screen and I was just in stunned awe. Considering how in the following season Lionel and Lex switched roles of who would be good and who would be evil, the head shaving that made Lionel look more like Lex was even more appropriate in hindsight. The montage saved what was an otherwise lackluster finale, though with the fake Kara & Clark finding the obsession room about him that Lex had in his mansion, you just knew something big was gonna happen. The montage was just brilliant and the music fit it perfectly.

    2. Johnny Cash - Hurt (Shattered): Another brilliant montage showing Lex in a padded cell & straitjacket while Lionel looks through the one way window and Lana in a hospital bed as Clark watches. The song was chillingly good and I always liked Cash's cover of the song more than the original by Nine Inch Nails since he's a grizzled singer who had been in the business for a long time and the way he lost his wife not long before he did his cover adds an extra element of the song that makes it more like a personal experience for him. Anyway, the song & its lyrics apply to everyone in the montage which is one of the main reasons it's so fitting. We know that Lex was hurt by what Lionel put him through especially with how he ended up. Lana was hurt by being trampled on by the horse. Clark was hurt by watching Lana (the girl he cared for most) be in the situation she was in as a result of him involving her in his plan to protect Lex. And yes Lionel too was hurt. Just before the music starts playing, he tells Dr. Foster not to think for a minute that Lex being locked away in Belle Reve is what he wanted and how Lex gave him no choice. So Lionel too is hurt at what he did to his son in exchange for keeping his own freedom by not being locked up. The song itself is chilling when we first see Lex's expression and Michael R pulls it off perfectly.

    3. Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls (Persona): Another great song to end an awesome ending montage with. I think the song fits the atmosphere of the montage very well with Lex having gotten the message that the hit job on Grant Gabriel/Julian Luthor clone was done and we watch him go outside and yell like a maniac in a parallel to what we saw back in Memoria, though Lex was innocent then and guilty as hell now. We also see Clark and Lana in the bedroom with Clark seriously having problems getting in the same bed that Lana had sex with Bizarro in. The uneasiness on the expressions of Clark & Lana and the obvious rift that started were well acted and the rain & lightning seen through the windows were well synced with the music. I give props to whoever selected this song for that montage.

    4. Depeche Mode - Precious (Arrival): I love the way this song was used in that ending montage in Arrival. I thought it was fitting given the song's title is Precious and the episode showed how precious life is with what the Kryptonians Aethyr & Nam-Ek did to humanity with their powers and what Brainiac would be soon doing himself as he is first seen just before the ending credits appeared. The life being precious theme goes along with the way Lana was in the hospital for the injuries she sustained not only in the helicopter crash but at the hands of the Kryptonians and especially with Clark and how he was now a powerless alien and just as vulnerable as a human. I especially love the syncing of the music with the part of the song that plays as Milton Fine materializes from the ooze that drips out of the main Brainiac ship form especially with how sinister the music gets as that happens. Very well done.

    5. Peter Gabriel - I Grieve (Reckoning): What else can be said about this song. I can't think of a better song to fit the melancholy occasion that was the funeral of in my opinion the best written & my most loved character of the series and the one character they didn't mess up--Jonathan Kent. I hated the fact that he died but one thing I couldn't complain about was the way they directed the funeral scene. The acting by Tom & Annette and the sheer desperation on their faces as the patriarch and their loving husband/father had passed, the falling snow outside with the innocent animals that Jonathan took care of so much of his life walking around, Clark's friends and former friends being seen attending, Clark dropping the dirt on his dad's grave, and Martha looking at Clark with the angel statue while the music played was just done to perfection.

    6. Vast - Don't Take Your Love Away (Bride): I thought this was another great song-montage pairing. Here we have a montage showing the Davis/Doomsday conglomerate being carrying Chloe to the fortress as she gets infected by Brainiac again. Meanwhile Clark is checking up on Lana and trying to comfort Lois on her kidnapped cousin and Lois is shown wondering why so many bad things happen to them and is shown leaving with Jimmy. I think the camaraderie shown among Clark, Lois, Lana, Jimmy and Chloe is great here and how they all care for one another. The lyrics of the song don't really fit the montage entirely but the tone of the song certainly fits the desperation of the entire situation. My favorite part is the end of the montage showing Lex (or perhaps a Lex clone) watching the footage of the wedding in an unknown location. The pacing of the song fits the slow filmed scenes very well. This was probably the last song in the series that I really liked along with the way it was used. It was really interesting how they were showing Lex when the "put me inside flesh that's dying" part of the lyrics played.

    7. AFI - Prelude 12/21 (Subterranean): Even though the episode this scene was in was mostly one that I disliked, this ending scene saved it and is what makes it a memorable episode. Here we have Lex in one of his 33.1 labs where they captured Jed McNally and Lex has him sedated and kept under lock and key. As he leaves the room/cell they have McNally locked in, he starts doing a cocky strut as the music plays and hands of other meteor freaks locked in adjacent cells reach out for him as Lex walks in the corridor with a cocky & evil expression on his face. The tone of the song perfectly fits the strut and accentuates how badass Lex appears. Very well done.

    8. Switchfoot - This Is Your Life (Blank): I think this is a very nice song-scene combo with the title and lyrics of the song fitting the situation of the episode with Clark having lost all his memories and having gotten all but the last 24 hours of them back while talking to Lana about a meeting they had planned during those lost 24 hours of memory. I like this song in general and hadn't heard it before seeing this episode and between liking the song and the way it fit the plot, it gets a thumbs up from me.

    9. Minnie Driver - Deeper Water (Pariah): I never knew Minnie Driver sang, but this song I must say was very nicely performed and its melancholy tone was perfect for the sad events in the episode that led to the ending scene it was used in where Clark was mourning Alicia's death with Chloe trying to comfort him.

    10. Coldplay - In My Place (Vortex): This song plays as Lana goes to Clark's barn and starts pestering him about how she survived and begins the secrets and lies witchhunt. The lyrics somewhat fit the conversation that they're having but the reason I like this one a lot is because the song is pretty cool but I love the way it's used in the ending shot of the scene as the camera pans down for a haunting shot of Clark's ship in the middle of a field. The way the music gets eerily peaceful as the ship is shown and how at that point the abilities and power of the ship were unknown as it was still alien to the fans (no pun intended) is what makes me like how it was used.

    Others worth mentioning that I liked:

    Vast - One More Day (Veritas): I despised this episode and was sick of Lana and wanted her gone for so long by this point that I didn't really care about her or feel bad as the scene was intended to make us. I did like this song though and had they used it for another scene I would probably have put it in my top 10.

    Greg Jones - Ordinary (Duplicity): I loved this scene and the happy vibes the song had as Clark & Pete played basketball for the first time with Pete knowing about Clark's secret. Ironically it was an ordinary day at the Kent Farm though for Pete it was a new experience getting used to the friend he'd known so long but in a different light than he was used to. The fact that he accepted him and the way they still bonded as buddies as the music played really worked well.

    Renata Tebaldi - Un Bel Di Vedremo (Lineage): I'm a big fan of Lionel scenes involving opera music and I love this scene as the music climaxes and Lionel reveals a photo of a Lucas that is quite a bit older than the fake infant who died story that he told Lex, with hair in his locket. The music fits the scene very well.

    Dishwalla - Angels or Devils (Ryan): I think this song was a pretty good one to the very sad ending that the final scene in Ryan depicted. The song & scene were very touching.

    A-Ha - I Wish I Cared (Dichotic): It was nice hearing A-Ha after all these years and I liked how the lyrics of the song fit Clark's attitude at the end of the episode and how he was fed up with Lana & Chloe treating him like a jealous boyfriend that he just didn't care, left the Talon and went along his own business going out for a night in the town.

    Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jule - Mad World (Visage): Even though I'll always prefer the original version of this song by Tears For Fears, this version fit the scene in the Kawatche cave with Clark comforting Lana after she felt guilty for how she treated Whitney before he died. It could have probably been used for a better scene in the episode Asylum in my opinion.

    Steadman - Wave Goodbye (Fever): I like the way this song was performed live by Steadman in the Talon and how the lyrics and theme of the song kind of fit what was going on with Clark getting sick and Chloe's feeling of him. It was like she was missing a boat that she had been waiting so long to board.

    Lonestar - Walkin' In Memphis (Perry): I liked the way this episode ended very much and the lighthearted/happy go lucky feel this song had with the positive way Clark left things off with Perry White after dealing with so many problems caused by him, his drunkenness and his witnessing of Clark's powers.

    Georges Bizet - Les Pecheurs De Perles [Je Crois Entendre Encore] (Crisis): Another well done Lionel scene using opera music that fit the visuals. Here Lionel puts a gun to his mouth as he's out of options and is facing a terminal illness with no cure. The music that plays accentuates his desperation and also fits Lionel's personality. It also very well supports the cliffhanger the episode ends on, with the viewer not knowing if Lionel will pull the trigger or not.

    Paul Schwartz - Stabat Mater (Truth): I really like the atmosphere of this music and how it fits the desperate situation Chloe finds herself in with Lionel having erased the voicemail confession she got of him while being affected by the Levitas gas that forced Lionel to tell the truth. Chloe's expression and Lionel's message that we saw him leaving moments before add to the atmosphere and with the music the episode ends on a dark note.

    Gaetano Donizetti - La Fille Du Regiment [Convien Partir] (Forsaken): Another nice use of opera music for a Lionel scene. This time Lionel is in his office and Lex shows up telling him that he's gotten sloppy and brings Agent Loder with him who notifies Lionel that he's being arrested and reads him the crimes he's being charged with. The scene ends with Lionel comparing Lex to Judas & reminding him that Judas hung himself with his own rope. Like I said, the music fits the scene and this scene is a nice reversal of when Lionel took the Kawatche cave from Lex after telling him that the devil is in the details. Here it was Lionel who lost focus of the details.

    Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today (Run): I like this scene and song for pretty much the same reasons I liked the ending scene in Perry. Both were lighthearted scenes and Bart caused lots of problems for Clark similar to how Perry did. Also both episodes were 5th episodes of their respective seasons.

    Mark Joseph - Fly (Lucy): I like this song and the scene it's in, where Clark & Lois admit they're friends and Lois even compliments Clark on how good he is despite people using him. I think this song would have been better used for something that was more imminent than Clark's & Lois' relationship which was not even close to becoming what it later would.

    Wonderlife - Around the Way (Forever): This song created a sad scene as Clark, Chloe & Lana would leave Smallville High classes for the last time and wondered what lay in store for them in the future. I thought it created the perfect mood with what they were going for in the scene.

    Maria Callas - Casta Diva (Cyborg): I love this montage of Martha burning the disc she was being blackmailed with showing Clark saving Lana in Lockdown in the warehouse with his powers in the fireplace as Lionel paid off the blackmailer working for him and sat down as he watched the same video sent on the disc that he had his own blackmailer sent to Martha. The opera music they used made Lionel seem not only magnificent but painted him in a mysterious light. We knew how bad he was in the past and weren't sure if he meant what he said or would use his knowledge of Clark's secret for sinister purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xrayvision View Post
    Vast - One More Day (Veritas): I despised this episode and was sick of Lana and wanted her gone for so long by this point that I didn't really care about her or feel bad as the scene was intended to make us. I did like this song though and had they used it for another scene I would probably have put it in my top 10.
    They also used it in 'Lazarus' for a montage scene when Tess checks in on Alexander, Chloe trades herself in for Oliver, Clark reads the note Lois left him saying she's gone to Africa, and Lois in the African desert looking at a photo of the two of them.

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    I forgot all about that. Thanks for reminding me. Even though I'm not a Lana fan, I think it was definitely used in a more proper way given the tone and lyrics of the song and the situation in the episode in the ending of Veritas.

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    I personally liked My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne in Facade. That is the dunk tank scene with Lois dunking Clark in the tank with Chloe looking on and realizing that yet again she has no chance with Clark. The song is upbeat, but the lyrics basically say that she won't get her happy ending. Chloe's last look in that episode says it all.


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