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    Doctor Who #10.12 "The Doctor Falls"

    Tonight is the season/series 10 finale and the second to last appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor (concluding his turn as the twelfth Incarnation in this year's Christmas special) on BBC One and BBC America!

    Episode Description: Itís time for the Doctorís final battle. The Doctor makes a final stand against an army of Cybermen to protect a tiny band of humans from destruction.

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    What did I think about this episode? I enjoyed it.

    Unlike review the review I did for the series 8 finale years ago it's thankfully the opposite this time.

    A few highlights

    The Missy/Master arc with Missy turning good, didn't really have much of an impact for me but I guess that's just from was never really all that interested in it. Shame Missy got "killed" just when making a turn around.

    The Doctor's speech about being kind is going to be one to remember this Doctor by for sure. Man that was very well done.

    The emotions in regards to Bill being a Cyberman and her refusal to give in, the goodbyes between Nardole, The Doctor and Bill were a gut punch. I think when The Doctor and Bill were saying their good byes to Nardole I may have teared up some.

    Also how Bill sees her self as still Bill and not the Cybermen was just cleaver in allowing the actress to play the role.

    For the water girl showing back up and making Bill a pilot along side her? Well while it's kind of similar to Clara's ending the upside to this for me, it didn't really bother me. Mind you I figured Bill was going to die as a Cyberman but it felt kind of nice that water girl showed back up to help since when you start comparing it to alot of other stuff these days ending in tragedy or even some stuff in Doctor Who's past it's nice to get a break.

    I'm sure the next showrunner Chibnall will be more on the tragedy stuff.

    Oh the tear thing tying back into 10x01 was a surprising twist and originally didn't think much of it. In a pinch it works.

    Now in regards to the ending of the 12th Doctor stumbling out of the TARDIS into a snowy area, then a certain Doctor, the original Doctor you might say shows up I pretty much jumped out of my chair with my mouth wide open.

    For Moffat deciding to get the actor who played Hartnell/the first Doctor in the 50th special of making Doctor Who well smart move on his part for sure. Besides it's not like it's the first time the first Doctor has been recast anyhow.

    Also I have the feeling where the 12th Doctor landed is in need the arctic base from the 10th planet classic series and the first Doctor may indeed be nearing the his first regeneration as well.

    I'm now ready for the Christmas episode.

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    Glad to see Heather come back and save Bill from her fate as a Cyberman. It really felt like a payoff to something they'd set up in their first appearance, rather than something they'd thrown together in the last second. It's the advantage of Having 12 episodes, instead of 22 and having all written and filmed, before the series starts to air.


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