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    Quote Originally Posted by darkphoenix21 View Post
    Did Cisco vibe to see Iris being a speedster cause how did he know to create a costume for her? or does he just have a speedster costume at the ready for each?

    It seems like Cisco always has costumes and whatever device they need to take down a minor villain in each episode, "ready" within

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    When they didn't know what to do with James as a character on SG ... they turned him into Guardian.

    When they didn't know what to do with Iris as a character ... they turn her into a speedster. Hmm, I'm noticing a pattern here. Being a vigilante didn't help out James so much either.

    It's also related to the "curse" of the canon character. If you've got a long backstory/history in the comics, TPTB will bury it and saddle you with *yawn* meta or vigilante duties, or label you as some vaguely-defined "team leader".

    Canon characters on CW superhero shows simply cannot catch a break.

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