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    The Green Arrow Chronicles - Slow-Burn Dinah/Ollie fic

    First off, you should visit my profile if you want to leave a review on FFN and don't have a profile on there. I have a strict policy w/anonymous reviews. Now that that's out of the way...

    Summary: Oliver Queen is a survivor of untold trauma who channels his unique set of skills and the darkness inside of him into a vigilante persona called the Green Arrow in an effort to help the people of Star City. Dinah Laurel Lance is an MCU detective working out of the Glades precinct and running an off-the-books investigation into her mother's murder. This is their story.

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    A very recommended story to read.

    JDBentz nails all the characters from Oliver, to Laurel who is Dinah in this, Tommy and others. There are some twists and changes in here I won't spoil but they just add to the story.

    No Felicity thank goodness and Diggle is used like he should have been.

    For the Oliver/Dinah relationship it is being told like it should have been from the start and a lot of the melodrama first surrounding them is gone.

    Also for Laurel, this not the show's Laurel who was kind of not the best character around and at times hard to like and all that. Rather Laurel or Dinah in this has been improved as a character that let's just say fixes those issues.

    So yeah good story


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