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    Quote Originally Posted by speople View Post
    They still haven't explained the suit, and shocker, like a lot of other stuff, such as Sn 1 ep 9, they won't.
    But at least having the suit doesn't contradict the backstory. Have a very great day! God bless you all!
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    Okay, so I've finally seen the episode and for the most part, it was so-so for me. Even in the promo, Barry having amnesia right after the "big reveal" of Savitar seemed like a bit of a stretch to me. At the same time the fact that the episode wasn't nearly as melodramatic and dark and gloomy as others was kind of refreshing, given the way the season's been playing out. Also, I think Iris having a slight crisis of conscience when she notes that amnesia-Barry was far happier than regular-Barry was a good touch.

    I admittedly thought "so what?" when the bad guy of the episode was just basically Heat Wave with a bigger gun.

    An interesting thing was Caitlin/KF being forced to help out her former friends in STAR labs now that Barry and Savitar were basically mind-wiped. The best part of that was where Cisco was reminiscing about Ronnie and Caitlin working together and she was trying to ignore it but it was clearly registering with her on an emotional level given the way the camera kept panning to her face. Even at the end when they try to convince her to stay it was nice, but then it got extra cringy when Julian claimed "I love you" to her, for 2 reasons: the first is because it sounded so forced and the second is the way she just dismissed it and says she never loved him or any of them, which we all know is a complete lie. Aided by the fact that her eyes changed up a bit in the elevator.

    As for the Savitar backstory reveal, it's kinda confusing and I'm sure its been explained but basically he was a time remnant that Barry created to try and fight him and the only one out of several that survived, and tried to pass himself off as the real Flash but no one accepted him. How he got the suit is still a mystery, as is the 2nd part of the 2 things he needed to be created, the first one being Iris' death. I'm also glad Cisco brought up the message from future Barry that was in Legends, so now we know why not to trust him, I was afraid the writers were gonna forget about that.

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