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    Riverdale "Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again"

    Talk about the 11th episode of Riverdale here!


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    This episode was SO boring and predictable.

    I figured Polly was going to be drugged the second Mrs. Blossom said, "Daily milkshake." It reeked of Rosemary's Baby.

    It was also obvious that somebody planted the gun in FP's trailer since Archie and Veronica didn't find anything to begin with.

    My biggest gripe was how Veronica (and others) kept saying, "My dad hired FP to trash the drive in," or, "Your dad hired him to trash the drive-in." OK, we get it. It didn't need to be repeated SO many times between all the characters.

    The musical number did the episode no favors, either. It was embarrassing how bad it was. All that screen time wasted for a stupid cover? The musical element just doesn't work here.

    The only bright spot in the episode was the semi-confrontation scene between Mary and Alice, which I thought was HILARIOUS.

    Other than that, this episode just felt like more stalling, at least in regard to the murder mystery.

    I'll finish the season, but I'm not sure if I want to stick it out for Season 2.


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