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    Riverdale "Chapter Eight: The Outsiders"

    This can be the live thread; this can be the episode thread. Either way, talk about Riverdale Episode 8 "The Outsiders" here!

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    Well, I thought this episode was AWFUL. The baby shower plot and all the stuff with the construction site just didn't go together AT ALL.

    The only scenes I liked were the ones with Jughead/Betty. The rest of it barely held my interest.

    I didn't like the reveal of Kevin's boyfriend stringing him along just so The Serpents didn't get caught, but I'm not torn up about either since they've barely had any screen time.

    Does anybody have any ideas as to why F.P. would refer to Jason's jacket as "insurance?" The only thing I can think is that the real killer's blood would be on it.

    Another head-scratcher was everybody being shocked F.P. was a Serpent. Veronica, at the least, should've suspected when she saw him with her mother behind the diner, right?

    Anyway, this was not the best episode. I hope next week is better, although I'm not expecting much.

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    Ok Archie got a point or 2 for having his dad's back.

    Jason's jacket your probably right.

    a big meh of an episode.


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