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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Page 23?"

    What did you think?

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    I gave it a 7, because I thought it was an improvement over last week, but not by much.

    Seeing Tinkerbell and Regina's father was nice, as was the mention of Daniel, but the way they ended the Evil Queen's arc didn't make much sense.

    Why on Earth keep them separate, and why does she get the happy ending with Robin of Locksley and not Regina?

    The hearts Regina held looked equal to me, so I guess I don't see what difference it would've made to have him be with Regina vs EQ?

    It was just an odd choice to me. It feels like the writers just want to crap on Regina for some reason.

    I was glad Emma found out Killian's secret—until they decided to turn it into a soap opera by having him get trapped aboard the ship at the last minute. *Eyeroll*


    The Evil Queen flashbacks saved this one for me, but with the way it ended, I'm not looking forward to next week very much.
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    I feel the writers dropped the direction it was going in the first half of the season and are phoning it in right now. Did they forget in the "Wish" world, Regina killed Snow White and David so Henry is on the hunt for the Evil Queen. How is she suppose to have a fresh start there? I would have preferred Regina and the Evil Queen merging back together as one person so I wasn't a fan of this ending.

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    Quite an unusual way to defeat the villain. Rather than killing the Evil Queen, Regina simply gave her some of her love and took some of the darkness of the queen. Usually shows and movies just resolve conflicts by killing off the bad guy. So, I appreciate them trying to do something a bit fresher. Though, if the scissors could sever the link between Regina and the Evil Queen (thus allowing one to be killed, without the other one dying), why didn't the heroes ever try this?

    In regards to the wish world, I first figured the Evil Queen was sent to the same night, that Tinkerbell took Regina to see Robin. Thus, this would be before she becomes Snow's step-mother. However, Robin being aware of his recent encounter with her, makes me unsure if that's the case. Either they've both been sent back over 30 years or, like SteelyGal notes, the Evil Queen now lives in a world where she'll be hunted for the murders of Snow and David.


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