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Since I don't live in the US and the added bonus of living sex hours ahead, I can and probably will* never watch an episode of an American episode live.

Some episodes I watch the day after, some on the weekend after and some I watch in a row of 3-4 episodes bundled together.

* Why I probably never will watch American TV live (very slightly policical):
[SPOILER]I've never been much of a traveller, neither beach vacations nor sightseeing tours. But in my youth I had planned to go to the US at some point, visit the coast cities and the Grand Canyon or one of the national parks and stuff.

But ever since 9/11 I just find the immigration procedure just too much of a hassle. And it's gotten worse regardless of presidency. Obama didn't roll anything back that Bush did and now Trump is piling on. I mean seriously, you want my Facebook and Twitter password before I can visit Times Square?

It's your country, so of course you have every right to protect your own borders the way you see fit. But I'm not a dog, I don't jump through hoops.
To tell the truth, there's nothing about you that they don't already know anyway. Use a mobile ? your life's an open book. Use social media ? your life's an open book. I honestly don't see any reason to join all that crap. As well as not having a FB/vkontakte (or w/e) page I don't have a mobile phone either.