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    Arrow Abridged 1.01 Pilot

    1.01 Pilot

    Oliver: My name is Oliver Queen. After two years on an island, one year in Hong Kong where I spent a little time back in Starling City, a few months in Coast City, another year on the same island and a year in Russia, I have come home with one goal: save my city by shooting people in the face with arrows.

    Chinese Fishermen: Yeah, we found Robin Hood.

    *Oliver is taken back to Starling City. He goes to Queen Manor.*

    Moira: Welcome back, Ollie.

    *On instinct, Oliver kicks Moira, Thea, Walter and the maid, sending them all flying into a piano*

    Oliver: I am so sorry, I have incredible reflexes.

    Tommy: Hi, Oliver.

    *Oliver kicks Tommy into the piano*

    Oliver: Reflexes.

    *Oliver kicks Laurel into the piano*

    Oliver: Sorry, reflexes.

    Laurel: You killed my sister, I hate you. Also, you cheated on me with her.

    Oliver: Can you really blame me? You're such a *****.

    Moira: Diggle watch Oliver.

    Diggle: Okay, hey, where did he go?

    *Oliver dresses as the Hood and corners Adam Hunt*

    Oliver: You scammed people, that was very naughty.

    Quentin: I hate the Hood. I'm gonna arrest him.

    *Oliver gets kidnapped and electro shock tortured. He busts out and neck snaps everybody*

    Oliver: No one can know my secret.

    Moira: That so totally wasn't me.
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    1.02 Honor Thy Father

    Moira: Ollie, you might want to get your death certificate repelled.

    *Oliver goes to the courthouse and runs into Laurel*

    Oliver: Oh god, not you again.

    Laurel: I'm prosecuting Martin Somers.

    Oliver: Hey, that guy's on a list my dad left me.

    *Martin Somers calls Henchmen R Us*

    Somers: I'd like an assassin to kill Laurel Lance.

    *The Hood beats up Chien Na Wei*

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    1.03 Lone Gunman

    Oliver: Okay, I'm gonna shoot this bad guy.

    *Deadshot shoots the bad guy before Oliver can*

    Oliver: Hey, you stole my kill.

    *Oliver builds a stripclub above his hideout*

    Thea: Tommy shagged Laurel.

    Oliver: Whatever.

    Laurel: I shagged your best mate. Pay attention to me.

    *Oliver meets the Bratva*

    Oliver: Hi, can you tell me who Deadshot is?

    Bratva guy: Yeah, he's Floyd Lawton.

    Deadshot: I'm gonna go kill Walter before he bids on stuff.

    *Oliver shoots Deadshot in the eye*

    Oliver: Yeah, Diggle, I'm the Hood.


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