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    Betty or Veronica?

    Let's start our shipper wars early.

    Betty or Veronica?

    I'm going to refrain and say "Cheryl Blossom."

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    That ship has been at war for years.

    "Cheryl Blossom"- thought provoking I mean Archie did run away when Cheryl was coming their direction during the lunch break scene maybe they have history.

    In the comics my vote would be Betty but both Betty and Veronica are REALLY likeable in the series and at the same time I don't see Archie have spark with either girl.

    Betty ship was pretty much sunk in the pilot by Archie himself and unless something changes I don't see that going somewhere.
    Veronica I don't see it. when they first locked eyes I didn't see what I was hoping for. I've seen that scene in a few shows and there are actors who pull it off well that I can believe in the couple. I didn't see that with them. In fact I got that vibe between Archie and Miss Grundy but Student-Teacher relationship like that should not work.

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    Shipping, Betty.

    I like me some Veronica though.


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