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    A Green Arrow show more true to the comics?

    Something I’ve kind of been thinking about.

    Ok first the main cast but here we go.

    Fair warning it's a long one

    The Cast

    Oliver Queen, a former playboy returned after a year on an island, having spent most of the time by himself. Oliver is wise cracking and very out spoken on his views. Unless he’s in his more private serious moments where deem in self guilt that he’s not so jokey or light hearted. He has some trauma from his past but is not broken from it. Also has a goatee.

    Dinah Laurel Lance, runs a local flower shop in The Glades and was Oliver’s girlfriend before the Pacific Queen, (Oliver’s yacht) went down.

    Roy Harper, a kid from the street who has a drug addiction.

    Walter Emerson, the man who runs Queen Industries and took over the company after Robert and Moira, Olive’s parents died in a safari hunting trip.

    These are really the 4 main characters of the series

    Now onto the seasons

    Season 1

    Oliver returns home to Star City and decides to become the Green Arrow after seeing how much his city has suffered and to make up for past life as a playboy.

    One thing about the Green Arrow, is he never kills but instead uses trick arrows like the boxing glove, net arrow, among others. Which Oliver’s not much of a fighter but rather relies on his arrows but occasionally uses his fists.

    Oliver quickly reunites with Dinah and despite their rocky past (including cheating on Dinah on the boat trip with a woman) they remain friends. Dinah has also become the Black Canary a mantel past down from her mother and has a meta human sonic scream.

    Between Oliver and her, Dinah is the better fighters and able to beat most foes with relative ease having been trained by Lady Shiva, Ted Grant and others.

    Oliver ends up meeting Roy Harper who is a kid working at Dinah’s flower shop and has some drug problems. Which Oliver and Dinah help Roy overcome them. Eventually Oliver takes Roy under his wing and gives him the code name of Speedy.

    Over the course of the season Oliver goes up against the big companies of Star City and small time criminals, with even dealing against Count Vertigo who can make people dizzy with a head piece or China White.

    Which Helena Bertinelli as the Huntress and Barbara Gordon who is Batgirl, from Gotham City show up from time to time as they are Dinah’s best friends.

    There’s even a joke made from Barbara of why Oliver does not brood a lot and Oliver responds with “You do you think I am? Batman or the Stephen Amell guy from the CW Robin Hood show?”

    Also Oliver ends up getting involved with Queen Industries which is led by Walter Emerson and Oliver develops Q-Core.
    For the police contact, the Green Arrow works with James Cameron from the SCPD.

    Oliver, Dinah and Roy aka Team Arrow discover a plot by Author King a former member of the League of Assassins who wants to destroy The Glades in revenge for his wife and ends up succeeding in his plan by the end of the season.

    Which Author King like in the comics used to be known as Merlyn the Magician and a hero of young Ollie’s before vanishing from the public spot light.

    Season 2

    Is basically an adaption of the One Year Later story arc as Oliver decides to become Mayor to help fix Star City and also begins a romance with Dinah Lance.

    Deathstroke shows up to go after Oliver and destroys his life, which Team Arrow up beating Deathstroke and lock him up in prison.

    It is reveled at the end of the season Deathstroke as hired by Simon Lacroix aka Komodo, a old friend of Robert’s.
    Oh Roy ends up having an off and on relationship with the assassin Jade Nguyen aka Cheshire that results in the birth of Lian their child.

    Season 3

    Komodo first introduces himself to Oliver by killing Emerson and framing Oliver for the murder along with destroying his company.
    This of course pulling from The Outsiders War story, with only a few minor differences.

    Oliver and Dinah break up this year because a fully grown Connor Hawke comes to Star City searching for his father who is Oliver as it is reveled back years ago in Oliver’s party days and when Dinah and Oliver were dating, he cheated on her with Sandra Hawke.

    This causes Oliver and Dinah to break up.

    It is revealed that Robert is still alive, having been brought back by using a Lazarus Pit or some healing stuff. This where Robert reveals to his son about his past in the Outsiders. Also Tatsu Yamashiro shows up, just like from the comic due to the same reasons of being a member of the sword clan.

    By the end of the season, Oliver and Team Arrow along with the rest of the weapon clans stop Komodo and his plot.
    Which Robert also does get killed again.

    Season 4

    In a mission with Hal Jordon aka Green Lantern, Oliver ends up getting killed.

    The rest of the season is basically the Quiver storyline from the comics with some of the stuff afterword’s with The Archer's Quest’s.

    Just like the in comics, Oliver rescues street proustite Mia Dearden and eventually begins training her to become his partner. Mia takes the name Speedy as Roy upgrades to Arsenal with a new look.

    At the end of the season Oliver and Laurel get back together and married.

    Season 5

    It massively pulls from the Cry for Justice story

    So basically Oliver’s secret identity wasn’t already exposed in seasons past, it is now. Prometheus destroys Star City, which among the several victims kills Roy’s daughter, cuts off Roy’s arm among other things.

    By the end of the season Oliver tracks Prometheus down and kills him but then turns himself in after his former team and Hal Jordon along with a few members of the Justice League come after Oliver for killing.

    Roy upon awakening from his mini coma due to his injures and from the death of his daughter plus missing his arm and survivors guilt returns to his former drug addiction, overdosing on painkillers and permanently locked in a state of delusional paranoia. Along with becoming way more violent with criminals and even steals drugs from the drug dealers.

    Eventually Roy is taken down and sent to rehab by Huntress on Black Canary’s consent.

    Mia is reveled to be HIV positive from her as a time proustite.

    Dinah due to Oliver having broken his no killing rule ends their marriage.

    Oliver is eventually found not guilty by a court but exiled from Star City, so Oliver takes up a base of operations inside a magical forest grown in the middle of Star City that happened after Prometheus blew it up.

    Season 6

    This draws from Green Arrow Into The Woods and Green Arrow: Salvation stories of Oliver has to protect Star City against Isabel Rochev aka The Queen who has taken control over Queen Industries.

    Of course unlike the comic Roy, Mia and Dinah are involved.

    Which by the end of the season Oliver and Dinah get back together.

    The flashbacks

    In season 1 and 3, is when they take place.

    Season 1 tells how Oliver dealt with China White’s drug operations on the island and freed the slaves with returning home, due to the Coast Guard who also arrest China White hence why she later shows up in the present day.

    Season 3, it shows Oliver’s early days on the island before being captured and tortured by men until escaping. Of course, just like the Jeff Lemire comics the man who tortured him was Robert, trying to make his son stronger for the upcoming outsiders war.

    Random stuff

    There is no Felicity Smoak, Sara Lance but maybe John Diggle based off his Rebirth version.

    Dinah by the time the series starts both her parents are dead.

    The Justice League is referenced more than once as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman etc. are fully active in this world and even Hal Jordon with his power ring and all shows up in the series.

    So yeah fully comic book world of metahumans, Magic, aliens and gods.

    I wrote this up because of seeing how many people always want the show to be more like the comics.

    So here is the show that pulls directly from the comics with only certain changes to make the seasons work. The only main things from the show is Author King wanting revenge for his wife, the past of the Oliver/Dinah relationship and Roy being from the streets.

    Which I posted this on Reddit but decided to post it here as well.

    Now who exactly would have enjoyed watching this show?

    Have a good day
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    This should probably go under Arrow Creative Targets, so I'm moving this thread there. Yes, it's to inspire discussion but it's also basically fan fiction. Hope that's okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSiteTV View Post
    This should probably go under Arrow Creative Targets, so I'm moving this thread there. Yes, it's to inspire discussion but it's also basically fan fiction. Hope that's okay.
    That's fine.


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