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    Just a random thought..

    Would it be neat if we had an episode where a way OP villian causes havoc in the city, causing Flash and Kid Flash to go after him/her and try to stop him/her. In the fight, the villain ends up killing Barry and destroying central city, causing Wally to run back in time like Barry did in Season 1 Episode 15 and Arrow season 4 episode 8. Basically the episode would be similar to Season 1 Episode 15, but with Wally as the time traveler.

    Then, in the next episode, we would see the differences between Eobard Well's reaction to figure out Barry has traveled in time and Barry's reaction to figuring out Wally has time traveled. IDK it was just a thought that burst into my head that I felt I had to share. Maybe someday myself or someone else will write a fan-fiction based on this premise.

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    I don't think that it's a good idea for a television episode, although it might be a good idea for a fan fiction written by you, Clada.


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