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    General Leia's Mod WickedJenn's Avatar
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    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of "Rock Never Dies"?

    What did you think?

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    Posting Pro SuperSheltie's Avatar
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    I loved this episode except for ONE thing.....Rick Springfield as Lucifer is over.... I was never a fan of his, but OMG he was amazing in this role. While I have been enjoying this season, going from the first few episodes to finally getting to see him again, and then poof, was a let-down.

    I am enjoying the Free Will Foursome.....I always wanted them to work together. Keep it up guys!

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    Forum Whiz Kaleltheking's Avatar
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    Kind of an ehh episode for me.

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    1000 More To Go!! Welling_is_pretty's Avatar
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    So this episode…I’m waffling on how to feel about it.

    But let’s start from the top. 2 guys summoning Lucifer with an ‘artifact’. A feather from his wing? And whoa, it restores him (who knew?)! He kills the dudes—no big surprise there—and moves on.

    Dean playing that game against his Mom. Then they get a call from the ‘80’s buddy comedy’ duo and head to LA. I feel like they based this episode there to make all those jokes (which weren’t that funny, I thought).

    Sam listening to Vince’s music and lying to cover it up. He should have known that Dean would see right through that. And razz him about it. I did like how he turned it around on Dean and made him listen.

    Cas and Dean snarking at each other. Well, if I was spending a ton of time with Crowley I suppose I’d be snappy too.

    It is now canon that Dean can’t play guitar (unlike Jensen). I mean, I know he could have been pretending to be bad (as Jensen obviously was) but it seems more likely he just doesn’t know how to play. Much like Dean being a bad singer, unlike Jensen.

    Vince and the reveal that he wants to be worshipped, that he wants the adoration. Since TPTB have been talking about that all along, I felt like we’d kind of covered that already.

    That poor fangirl.

    Crowley: “Together again.”
    Castiel: “Yay.”
    Me: Hilarious!

    Crowley talking celebrity and everyone strikes out, until the bandmate texts Cas.

    Luci kills his bandmates til Cas and Crowley arrive, then big fight to buy time. The boys seem rather unprepared for a way to get everyone out of there.

    Castiel: “Hey assbutt!”
    Nice to see that return.

    Lucifer leaves Vince (a decayed husk) and smokes out like a demon (only white light)? I don’t recall seeing angels leave meatsuits before but I didn’t think they did it like that?!
    Also, I’m going to miss Rick as Lucifer. I wish he’d been able to stay around longer.

    Sam sad that they couldn’t save Vince and says they are “losing slowly”, not winning.

    I don’t know, this episode felt kind of disjointed and fillerish to me. Lucifer’s plan is, he has no plan? He’s just trying to cause chaos? Um, okay.

    Just not as good as I was expecting, based on the promos, I guess?


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