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    Pilot Filming Locations

    I have lately been searching around for the shooting locations of Smallville on Google Maps, and found some of the locations with the help of information from Wikipedia, IMDB
    and the DVD commentaries. Thought I should post some here. Unless someone has already done so before me, but I'll take the chance.

    In the Pilot they mostly used another town as the Smallville Main Street, usually in the series they used Cloverdale, but for most of the meteor shower they used Merrit
    Here you can see the tower that a meteor passed through.!6m1!1e1

    And here is the Kent Farm of course. If you exit street view and turn on 3D mode you can get a really nice overview of the entire farm, its really cool!!6m1!1e1

    Heres Smallville High Front Entrance!8i6656

    Here is where Pete and Chloe enters the school area for the first time, then Clark shows up. Do the same as with Kent Farm here and you can see many familliar areas around the school!!8i6656

    The bridge where Lex hits Clark with his car!8i6656

    The Luthor Mansion

    The normal Main Street!8i6656

    LuthorCorp Plant No.3!8i6656

    There are a couple of more locations like Lana's house and Frank's auto repair shop. But they were kinda hard to find. I will find them later.
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    The bridge in the the last link is probably the bridge under which many shots have taken place in later seasons

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    I forgot the Smallville High School Football Field that we saw in the pilot. Where Clark was dreaming about winning single handedly!
    It was shot in Swangard Stadium. The same place was used in Hothead and later episodes if I'm not mistaken!!4d10.7265777


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