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    I'm all over the place with guesses since Billy had been my top pick. I still hear a few wild theories that maybe he faked his own death but that seems extremely far fetched to me.

    Tommy would in a lot of ways tick a lot of boxes but just with the actor's commitment to his own current show, I pretty much rule it out. Plus I don't want him to go evil.

    A favorite of mine, though also incredibly far fetched is Prometheus is E2 Oliver Queen. I love the meta of warring against who he has become. Still, in a more grounded season, the logistics are almost impossible to overcome.

    I like the idea of it being Lt Pike since at least he's been around from season one but now I'm thinking the age doesn't line up. It could actually be some random guy we don't care about though if they reveal he's the puppet of some other character. I couldn't resist Talia as an option because of the parallel to The Dark Knight Rises but Pike could be the puppet master to a generic son of Claybourne

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    I think it's an Olicity fan

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    Will sue williams be killed off in the next episode.

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