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    Quote Originally Posted by nate-dog1701d View Post
    I've always hated Ray's suit, so I hope the new one is better. I'd like it to not be armor, but the abilities to fly and survive in space for a bit certainly come in handy.
    They have access to pretty advanced tech, through the Waverider. Surely, Ray could use it to create a proper suit, while retaining flight capabilities.

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    I've been catching up on some of the first half eps.

    Overall it was fun, on the surface. Samurai, ninjas, Sara and Amaya battling samurai, Ray and Nate throwing down against the shogun Iemitsu (in Ray's suit!). Plus the Yamashiro easter egg.

    But having watched this -- knowing how much they've meddled with time and history this season -- it's also an early harbinger of their doctrine of doing good when personal interest is at stake instead of what is good in the 'good for the timeline/history' mission sense.

    Obviously they were going to protect a defenceless village from an oppressive shogun. And in a bare bones sense, the show did some homework on the era -- this was an isolationist era in feudal Japan, they were expelling foreigners from the country and the shogun simply wouldn't tolerate outsiders wielding any influence in his lands.

    But at the end game -- killing the shogun of Japan ... did no one think: "Hmm, you think killing off the shogun of Japan might have some historical impact going forward?" This never came up at the Waverider water cooler?

    This is LoT, so ... of course not!

    We now know that the show doesn't particularly care about sticking to historical accuracy, but stuff like this is an early example of the LoT crew throwing their temporal "mission" to the wind and essentially doing their own thing. Often they see it as the right thing -- they are more fly-by-your-seat do-gooders than principled timeline protectors after three seasons -- but they increasingly lose sight of, or don't care, how their actions have a ripple effect on the big picture: time, history, call it what you will.

    Maybe Thawne wasn't entirely correct -- the LoT crew, not Barry, may in fact be the real temporal villains of the story.

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    The season finale sorta proved that LOL

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