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    in the land of denial

    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of "Lockup"?

    So, pretty good episode. Robbie's storyline was compelling and I enjoyed watching him fight against the Spirit of Vengeance within.

    Loved May's little talk(s) with Daisy, as well as Coulson's interest in wanting to know about May's brush with death (the Tahiti reference was particularly good, IMO).

    Figured the new Director and that lady going after him were in cohoots or something so wasn't too surprised there. Nor by him revealing he's an Inhuman on TV. Though one does wonder what Nick Fury thinks about all this...?

    The mystery of the Darkhold deepens (Personal theory? Robbie's Uncle is more deep into this than he's letting on.) and the Legend of the Ghost Rider is spreading.

    So yeah, solid episode, some forward momentum and good character development.

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    Had totally forgotten that Coulson has that shield-thing.

    Loved the Quentin Carnival (which, in the comics, involved a motorcycle stunt driver named Johnny Blaze) easter egg, at the begining.

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    'Lockup' was a good episode. The agents has to break into a prison to save the life of an inmate. That inmate get captured by the villain, while another inmate get killed by the Ghost Rider. This is the first episode of SHIELD that I watched this season.


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