I love Superhero stories where the heroes use misdirection to conceal their identity. Like your links have shown, they can make for hillarious episodes. I remember one scene in the 90s Flash when Barry's coworker starts suspecting he is the Flash, and so Barry quickly changes costumes and makes his coworker see a flash of red. A moment later he's standing beside his coworker again, and asks said coworker: "Did you see that?"

The closest thing we see on The Flash to someone trying to use misdirection to conceal Barry's identity (that I can recall) in Season 2 is 207 "Gorilla Warfare" where Barry tells Patty he pretended to be sick because his dad was in town (when really Zoom had broke his back) and 211 when Patty starts asking Joe all the wrong questions, and Joe says "Have you seen Barry run? He waddles."

Are those the only two examples in the show of such misdirection, or can either of you think of any?