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    In looking back at last year's Mega-Crossover, Supergirl was a last minute addition as they were uncertain about her move from CBS to CW. The show had no shut down days hence why she was hardly in the crossover along with her having less screentime in her own show while doing the crossover. The biggest problem was that there was no sense of danger for the heroes. They should be able to correct these problems for this year's mega-crossover.

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    I know It would be kind of Off kilter but I would have love to see DeathStorm/Robbie Amell in the crossover. Between Killer Frost issue Firestorm issue all of that lost potential.

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    I did not like the newest cross over with the Nazi from Earth 0, I thought Invasion was much better. I know they will do another one and I hope it will be better. I wonder if Black Lightning will be in it. I know they say he isn't part of the Arrow verse but they said they would consider a crossover.

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