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    Berlanti Discusses The Flash (THR)

    This is a lovely excerpt from a new Belanti profile by The Hollywood Reporter...

    The DC Cinematic Universe has been criticized for its excessive darkness. You have The Flash, which has often been very bright; Legends of Tomorrow, which is often downright goofy; and Arrow, which is dark but still has a fair amount of humor. How important is "fun" to your vision of what a comic book adaptation should be?

    If you're going to do something like The Flash, part of what made Barry Allen so great was that he was this guy in the middle of all these superheroes who couldn't believe that he was there, and he loved it. It was the first comic book character who made me cry. He died in Crisis on Infinite Earths saving everybody, and he was the last one anyone expected to save everyone, so inherent in this character was this heartbroken sadness and sacrifice, but at the same time this joy. That duality is something I've really latched on to in a lot of what I've done. This is the only Flash I'd know how to do.

    The Flash film recently lost its director. Is helming that movie of interest to you?

    No one's discussed that with me, but I could never direct a Flash movie that Grant Gustin wasn't the lead of. He's my Flash.

    What sort of advice would you give to whoever does direct the film?

    We have three words above the door [of the Flash writers room]: "Heart, humor and spectacle."

    I think it's heartwarming how he stands by Grant and obviously adores the character.

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    It's great that he defends Grant though he really doesn't need any defense. You always see people online talking about how Grant is a better Flash then Ezra Miller and that they can't see Miller being great. I always say we have seen less than a minute of Ezra Miller as Flash. Also everyone was hating on Grant Gustin before they saw him in character.

    This probably doesn't relate to the topic.

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    You make a good point about waiting to see how Ezra Miller does before judging. Yes, many people dissed Grant when he was named as the Flash, not muscular enough, not serious enough, etc. going so far as to say that he would doom the show. Well, going into a 3rd season doesn't seem a doom. I'm glad that Grant was so able to build a great following and a great show. But, as to having Grant play Flash in the movie, there is a lot to say that may be the wrong move. First it would take Grant away from the tv show too much. Depending on how the film goes there may be a strong difference between the two characterizations that would be confusing to the tv show. And don't forget, Zack Snyder said he couldn't see Grant as Barry Allen because Grant doesn't fit his idea of the tone of the movie he wants to make, darker than The Flash, something on the order of BvS. it could be resolved in that the two Flash characters inhabit two different universes. Grant is so much better in portraying the tone of The Flash. To Berlanti that is what sold him so quickly on Grant and what has made the collaboration so great. Right now I can't picture anyone else playing the role on tv.


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