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    The fatal flaw of season 11 = biggest missed opportunity in show's history.

    Like the rest of us on the board I am seriously baffled to why in the name of Chuck no one has bailed out Adam aka Michael from the cage. Rowena is still alive. Crowley is still alive. Even Chuck hasn't said a word about his second favorite son. What the hell is going on? Do you really buy that Michael went bonkers after being in prison an absolute mere fraction of the time that Satan was in there. And it is really incredibly reprehensible that the writers have somehow found a pair of balls to bring God into the show but not bring back the one character that most deserves a finale to their story.

    We have two episodes left and the prospect of this happening doesn't sound like one that bears fruit until at least what I am hoping is the 12th and final season. With that said on, on, on to the next one.

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    In the fifth season, the death said: "I will kill God, too". Then, why doesn't God bring back him? He can probably kill the darkness.


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